Top 10 Best Salt Brands in India

India is the 3rd largest salt producer. Salt is a low involvement commodity which does not involve people actively. So, the branded salt market only accounts for only 7-8 percent while loose salt accounts for 35-40 percent market share. There are many salt manufacturers in India that produce iodized and pure salt.

Why we use Indian salt?

–  Heart circulation- Sodium ions aid in the transmission of impulses that stimulates the cardiac cells to transmit signals and beat.

–  Body movement- Sodium ions help the transmission of impulses from nerves to muscles. Thus, it allows movement.

–  Prevent iodine deficiency- Iodine plays a very important role in cellular function and metabolism. It is also important for pregnant women to ensure healthy brain development in the unborn child. The deficiency of iodine leads to the thyroid disorder.

–  Rehydration- In case of sweating, electrolytes and water are lost. So, there is a requirement of rehydrating with sodium, potassium and magnesium ions.

–  Reduces risk of diabetes- People with diabetes have reduced insulin sensitivity. Sodium helps to maintain insulin sensitivity towards blood glucose.

–  Exfoliate properties- Salt is anti-bacterial in nature that kills bacteria and removes debris from cells. So, if you have pimples, clean your face with salt.

–  Maintain normal blood pH- The salt helps to maintain normal pH which is quite important for the brain.

– Improve skin condition- Salt paste can relieve itching and inflammation linked with skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema. Apply to wounds to kill bacteria.


Here list of Top 10 best Salt Brands of India.


1. Tata saltbest salt brands


This brand is the most preferred as it produces the quality product. It is used widely by the many households in India. It is produced hygienically and packed in vacuum sealed packets. The salt is added with iodine. The iodine increases various health benefits.



2. Sundar Health saltbest salt brands


This salt brand is called multiple micro-nutrient that is fortified with folic acid, zinc, iron, vitamins and iodine. It is hygienically manufactured in the facility. The company provides various salt variants such as multiple micronutrient fortified salts, triple fortified salt and double fortified salt. This salt provides health benefits without changing the color or taste of the food.



3. Keya saltbest salt brands


It is free- flowing and pure salt fortified with iodine. It is available in ready to use dispenser packing. It is a hundred percent natural salt that is prepared with great care.



4. Catch saltbest salt brands


The salt is packed in a sprinkler packing that is easy to use. Catch salt is packed in a tin that can be placed in kitchen and dining table. This salt is free-flowing that can be easily dissolved in any food. The salt is manufactured and packed with great care.



5. Annapurna saltbest salt brands


It is a brand of Hindustan Unilever Ltd. It provides hygienic, healthy and wholesome salt. The crystal salt was launched for South Indian market. The technology was patented that ensures that iodine is not lost in the stages such as cooking, transportation and storage.



6. Saffola saltbest salt brands


This brand is associated with Marico and is perceived as a healthy brand in the minds of the people. It is a national brand and has an excellent brand recall and customer trust. The salt is enriched with low sodium content and minerals.



7. Aashirvaad saltbest salt brands


It is acquired by evaporating salty water in shallow basins with the help of wind and sunlight. Iodine is added in the salt. It is a brand of ITC group that produce and sell high-quality salt.



8. Nirma Shudhbest salt brands


The salt was launched in 2000 and is a quality product obtained by Nirma. The salt provides many health benefits. The salt is fortified with iodine. This is the only salt that is synthesised in an automated plant by using Akzo-Nobel technology. The salt is not handled manually. This salt has many unique selling prepositions like saltiness, whiteness and size of crystals.



9. Patanjali Namakbest salt brands


It is a brand that is known for its quality and low prices. It has earned popularity within the short period of time. As itd got very good response from the Indians. Thes brand is expanding portfolio to new level.



10. Akar saltbest salt brands


It manufactures salt since 1976. The salt is pure, refined and free-flowing. It is natural and pure salt that gets dissolve in food with ease. This salt is available in table salt and crystal form.

We must not underestimate the use of salt in our diet. The salt has various health benefits. So, add salt and make your food exciting to eat. Add flavor and taste to your food by picking top 10 best salt brands in India.

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