Marketing Strategies of KitKat – Loved Wafer Chocolate

The Most Loved Wafer Chocolate in the World! It’s KitKat.

Introduced to the world 83 years ago, this wafer chocolate by Nestle has not dropped its popularity ever. This was created by Rowntree in York; United Kingdom was taken over by Nestle in the year 1988 and are now the global owners of this chocolate. However, in the United States where it is made under license by H.B. Reese Candy Company, a division of The Hershey Company.

The standard bars consist of two or four pieces composed of three layers of wafer, separated and covered by an outer layer of chocolate.Each finger can be snapped from the bar separately which is one of the USP of this chocolate.

There are many different flavors of Kit Kat, including milk, white, and dark chocolate.

Kit Kat is loved by people of all ages and is a global brand.It’s main competition in India is Cadbury.Kit Kat originally had four bars in one chocolate and later introduced 2 bars in one chocolate. This has been their best seller since then till today.

kitkat chocolate ads

It starts from a size of half a finger that is available in Japan to a bar of three fingers in Arabia, to the bars of twelve fingers that are available in France and Australia.

The bars of Nestle Kit Kat are sold in various forms of multi-packs, boxes, bags and even individually. ‘Nestle Kit Kat Chunky’ was launched in 1999 and “Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter” in 2006 in variants such as milk and orange.

Kit Kat ice cream was introduced in the UK, France, Ireland and America whereas in Malaysia and Australia Nestle Kit Kat Drumsticks were introduced.

The taste of the chocolate remains the same, but a lot of product innovation is seen in the market by the brand.


› Some Memorable Ads by Kit Kat for the India Market:

Kit Kat is famous for its tag line ‘Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat’. This tagline is synonyms to the brand for years. The tag line goes very well with the product as you have to remove the chocolate from the wrapper and enjoy it by breaking it into two!

The Ads made by this brand are based on a theme; everyone is busy in their monotonous life, but when you have a break from your routine, grab a Kit Kat and enter a world that you’d want to be in.


» # Nestle Kit Kat Squirrel TVC

This ad was created 7 years ago by the brand. It was a fun animated ad which got the brand message out very clearly.


» # Kit Kat Dancing Babies TVC

This was a very cute ad created by the brand 5 years ago. This ad featured a bunch of babies dancing and having fun while a doctor is eating a Kit Kat in his break time.


» #KIT KAT Astronaut – Diwali Music Video

This campaign/ music video was launched in the year 2014 during Diwali. It was an emotional ad where in an astronaut is away from home during Diwali, but a Kit Kat break takes her back home as soon as she sees India lit up during the festival.

»  Latest Kit Kat Ads:

The current brand ambassadors of this brand are Fatima Sana Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra of the Dangal fame. The brand wanted to reach out to young pair of girls who could relate to the youth and depict the life of a working youngster.


»  #MyBreak Campaign by Kit Kat

This campaign was released last year and was received very well by the audiences.The announcer at the airport pumps up her job by calling out a customer to board his flight at the earliest.


#NestleFunFact – Association with Android

In September 2013, it was announced that version 4.4 of Google’s Android mobile operating system would be named “KitKat”. Google licensed the name from Nestlé, with no money changing hands. A promotion ran in numerous countries with specially branded Android Kit Kat bars to win Nexus 7 devices and Google Play Store credit.


› Promotion and Marketing Strategy of Kit Kat

The product packaging has played a very vital role in the success of this brand. The prominent red color wrapper stands out and can be related with Kit Kat immediately. The first brand advertisement was shown in the year 1957 which was black and white. Then, in the year 1967, the brand launched its first colored television ad. Some of the most exclusive advertisements of Nestle Kitkat comprises of “Dancing Panda” in the year 1987 and “Have a Break, Have a Kitkat” ads in the early 90s.

The tag line of Kit Kat is known to everyone. They have not changed it since a long time and have been banking on it.

They have used the tag line and promoted the chocolate not only via television but also through billboards, magazines, newspapers and posters. This is not it, they have also run a lot of online campaigns on various websites and targeted those audiences as well.


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