Marketing Strategies of Bru Coffee

Start your Day with a Cuppa of Bru –India’s Most Loved Coffee.

Brand: Bru Coffee
Parent Company: Hindustan Unilever

Hindustan Unilever launched its coffee powder under the name Brooke Bond Green Label in the year 1962. Bru Coffee is a power brand owned by Hindustan Unilever and is in direct competition with Nestle’s Nescafe.

#CoffeeFact- It is the largest coffee brand in India and occupies 46.9% of the market share because of its exotic flavors and rich aromas.

Bru is a leading coffee brand in India and is known for its traditional and international taste of flavors. Its coffee is extremely premium, strong and always delivers the best coffee to its consumers. Bru coffee is in powder form and that is one of its biggest USP.

The company does many coffee trials before launching it to the final consumer so that each cup is fresh and full of aroma. This coffee has many variants; some of them are as follows:

  • Bru Lite- Introduced in the year 2011 it is light-tasting and has classic-mocha flavor
  • Bru Exotica- It is a premium-freeze-dried-coffee
  • Bru Cappuccino- Hard flavor for actual coffee lovers
  • Bru Gold – Is purely granulated with superior taste and uplifting aroma
  • Bru Gold Coffee
  • Bru Roast & Ground- Is aromatic filter coffee
  • Bru Instant – Made from robust beans it ensures best and instant coffee with fresh aroma
  • Bru Select- Filter coffee at its best that is roasted slowly with patience to guarantee perfection


#CoffeeFact- Bru, is the only coffee product in the Hindustan Unilever kitty.

Bru Coffee is known for its advertising. Their commercials have had iconic Bollywood stars and simpleton too and still have left a mark in our memories.

The commercials of Bru Coffee have been both – modern and traditional. Lately there have been many commercials which tell us the traditional Bru story. How the coffee is made, where is it sourced from, etc.

Here is one of the commercials which speaks about the sourcing of Bru Coffee. This campaign was called as ‘Bru Gold – Authentic coffee from South Indian plantations’

This commercial speaks about a local coffee guy in south India who has coffee plantations and what he does to make the best coffee. Bru then sources this and delivers it to the consumers all over the country.


» Brand Ambassadors for Bru Coffee

Bru has had several Bollywood biggies in its TV commercials. Right from Amrita Rao to Anushka Sharma to Imran Khan to Shahid Kapoor to Imran Khan and many more.

All of them have done some memorable ads for this coffee brand which are well remembered and have risen the brand to greater heights. The brand not only makes these commercials in Hindi but also other languages like Kannada and Telegu to name a few.


Some of the loved campaigns by the brand are:


› Amrita Rao and Bru

This ad had the tag line ‘Bru se hoti hai khushiyan shuru’. This is one of the most famous taglines in the history of advertisements and everyone can relate it to this coffee brand.

This ad became very popular wherein the concept was depicted very well and something that is still remembered by most of us. This commercial was released in the year 2008 with the tagline which has been around since then.


› Anushka Sharma – Siddharth Malhotra and Bru

They were the brand ambassadors for the brand in the year 2014. This ad focuses on the rich flavor of Bru Gold Coffee. It is a very simple and classic ad which is setup focusing modern couples in mind.


›Anushka Sharma – Imran Khan and Bru

This campaign featured these tow gorgeous actors in the year 2013 – 2014 and the focus of it was to promote the coffee made using Bru Gold is the best!

There were a series of ads which featured them and were loved by the audiences due to their unique conceptualization.


›Priyanka Chopra – Shahid Kapur and Bru

These two stunning actors were roped in for promoting the Bru Lite and Bru Gold series of coffee by Bru in the year 2011.

The concept of this ad was a light-hearted conversation between a couple over a cup of Bru Lite.


Bru Coffee today is considered as one of the most premium coffee which is sourced from south India and is available in a lot of variants. This coffee is rich in aroma and has a very smooth texture.

Begin your day with this coffee and be all charged up throughout is what this coffee claims.

Being the no.1 brand of coffee in the country it has made its market not only because of its delicious taste but also because of the mix of traditional and modern marketing strategies and also because of its local language advertising which helps it reach a wider range of consumers.

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