Marketing Strategies Nescafe Coffee Brand

India wakes up with a Nescafé! its all starts with a Nescafe.

This coffee brand has more than 5000 coffee beans in its kitty and it started off its journey in the year 1938. This is the global leader in the coffee industry and it sells in over 182 countries.The brand was introduced in Switzerland on 1st April 1938.

This brand is known for revolutionizing the coffee culture.

nescafe ads

A mix of Geographic, demographic and psychographic segmentation strategies are used by Nescafé in order to make one type of coffee beans available in another part of the globe.

For its corporate customers the brand makes a vending machine which has several variants and for the consumers, the brand has various types of powders and other coffee forms which suit the palate of the masses.

The marketing strategies of this brand can be generalized as usage and value based.

Brand Mission: ‘Responsibly & continuously work to make coffee available to those who love drinking it and help those who earn their bread & butter by producing it’.

Brand Tag Line: ‘It all starts with a Nescafé.’


› Brand History:

In the year 1930, Nestle started developing a coffee brand which was for preserving the surplus coffee produce done by Brazil. Max Morgenthaler was the one to lead this particular project. Nescafé was launched in 1938 as a soluble coffee and was a staple in the United States of America during the World War II.

In 1965, Nestlé introduced a freeze-dried coffee brand called “Nescafé Gold” in Europe.

In 1966, Nestlé developed a freeze-dried coffee brand under the name Taster’s Choice.


› Nescafé the Brand:

Nescafé belongs to the FMCG giant Nestle. The branding, marketing and positioning of this loved coffee brand has always been on point because of the strong hold in the market and also because of the product that it is into.

Nescafé is another name for coffee in the world as it is present in over 182 countries.

Coffee is the way people interact with one another. Be it at home or be it when you meet outside in a gathering. This beverage is loved by everyone. Coffee is an essential product which is available in most of the households in various variants as well.

“Brand Equity’s Most Trusted Brands Report for 2015 positions it as a 6th hot beverages brand.”

The main competitors of this brand are Bru and Tata and some other substitute products like flavored and ready to drink coffees by the brands. Globally this brand is competing with Starbucks and other chain of coffee shops which are leaders in that category and people love the coffees made by them.

There is a huge competition in the coffee market as there are local and global players each targeting a different segment but globally.

Nescafé targets people in the age group of 25 year to 32-year-old. The target is mostly college goers or working professionals who thrive on the beverage – coffee.

nescafe coffee ads

› Marketing of Nescafé

Nescafé has a very unique tune and jingle which has been a part of most of their television commercials from a long time.They are known to make brilliant coffee and most of their ads showcase this beautifully.

The current brand ambassador of this brand is the young and talented Bollywood actress Disha Patani.She can be seen in their latest brand campaign and commercials.

» #CHILLkarophirSTARTkaro

This campaign was launched in September 2018. The aim of this campaign is to propmote the cold coffee range of the brand. The concept for the ads relates to the youth very well and the campaign is doing well in the market.


» #BadalLifeKiRaftaar

This campaign was launched by the brand in the 2017. It focused on how you just need that one push to go ahead and walk on the path which will help you fulfill your dreams. The campaign had several ads focusing on various professions which are not regular but are being chosen by the youth of today and are successful. The aim of the campaign was to push yourself and follow your dreams.


» Deepika Padukone for Nescafé

Deepika Padukone was the brand ambassador for this coffee giant for a long time. There were several memorable campaigns which were done while she was on board which also involved some other biggies like Karan Johar, Vir Das, Imran Khan and Purab Kohli.

The campaign was launched to promote the tag line ‘It All starts with Nescafé’ and how coffee can be a great way to form a new connection with people.


» Chef Saransh Golia for Nescafé

Popular chef Sarash Golia was roped in by the brand to create some amazing beverage recipes using coffee.Many recipes were posted by the chef using Nescafé as the key product and how one can make delicious coffees with the help of Nescafé.


Coffee in India equals to a Nescafé. This popular brand is loved by many and because of its reach in the market it is available in every part of the country.

The aroma, the flavor and the taste of this coffee is indispensable and with the correct marketing, promotional and branding strategies this brand even after so many years is giving tough competition to all the local and global players,


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