Marketing Strategies of India’s Loved Hygiene Brand ‘Dettol’

Health is Wealth – Reckitt Benckiser India Ltd (RBIL) is a fully owned subsidiary of Reckitt Benckiser Plc, world’s No.1 Company in household cleaning, is the parent company which owns Dettol brand.

It all started in the year 1933 with the production of antiseptic liquid but today, this brand manufactures a variety of products like soaps, liquid hand wash, body wash, shaving cream and plaster creams.

This brand is a house hold name when it comes to hygiene and safety. Its positioning has not changed, and it claims to be a 100% germ fighter product.


The Marketing Strategies of Dettol

Dettol is positioned as an ‘expert’ in the market. The product can be used by any age group and demography. The core value of this brand is to protect the entire family from germs.

The target consumer of this brand is anyone and everyone. The brand penetrates the market by making variants in the current product line to make it stand out as a lifestyle brand but also protecting you from the germs at the same time.

Dettol has been successful in positioning itself as an antiseptic which safeguard/protect the people from germs. Dettol’s communication has always focused on the core brand positioning of protection from germs.


Competitive Advantage for the Brand

Dettol has been in the market for decades and is known for its trademark smell. The products made by this company can be identified and distinguished on the basis of this only. This is the first and the most prominent factor which makes this brand different from its competition.

Dettol is a big fish and a market leader but its competitor Savlon by Jhonson & Jhonson is no less.

Another very prominent distinguishing factor which plays as an advantage to the brand is its color. The amber gold color of the antiseptic liquid is by far the best in the industry. And when added to water, the clouding effect which it generates is brilliant. This is a form of building trust and marks the purity of the brand.

Last and the most important is the absolute trust that consumers have on the brand Dettol because the brand has always been proven to kill germs and to make a wound septic or even to clear a room of all germs. It has been positioned effectively and beating that position is very difficult. This positioning is the most important competitive advantage of Dettol.


The Packaging of the Brand

The packaging of the brand is very distinct, clean and prominent. The sword on the product shows that its safe and it kills all the harmful germs and bacteria which the core value of the brand is. The packaging of the brand has remained the same over the years in spite of adding variants in their product line.

The sword and the clouding effect depiction on each of their product has a great brand recall value.


Advertising by Dettol

Dettol is a heavy advertiser in the Indian market. It makes commercials which are very on point with its positioning and focus mostly on children and parents. The company focuses on having commercials based on protecting the entire family.

The jingles and product line up shown in the commercials has always been appreciated by the consumer and remembered for a very long time.

Some of the most Memorable and Thoughtful ads by Dettol



This campaign by Dettol has been around for quite some time and the tagline ‘Maa Maane Dettol ka Dhula’ has become synonyms to the brand.

With various commercials being made under this particular campaign, the brand has promoted not just Dettol Original but also its variants. It makes seasonal campaigns too under this tag line which are also remembered for the longest time.



#BackToSchool Campaign

This is the latest campaign by the brand which was released 1 month ago. This campaign was only centric to children going to school for promoting the Dettol Hand Sanitizer. The campaign was very catchy and had many TV commercials released with many different situations which occur in school.


#Swach Banega India Campaign

This campaign was launched in the year 2014 and featured Amitabh Bachchan. It was partnered with NDTV and Facebook to launch “Dettol – Banega Swachh India” – a 5-year ambitious program to address the rising need of hygiene and sanitation. The campaign will aim at creating awareness about the importance of hygiene and sanitation, and also work with NGO partners to support infrastructure for construction and maintenance of toilets. This was a 100-crore campaign by the brand and an initiative taken till the year 2019.



#Dettol Soap & Antiseptic Liquid Campaigns

Dettol has been producing some amazing ads for their soaps – original and variants and also its antiseptic liquid. The commercials promote the various usage of the products this hygiene company makes and how important it is to have a Dettol in your home.


Dettol is a name which is synonyms to health and hygiene. With its wide availability in the market and its reach everywhere in the country this product has made its own space and is the market leader for a very long time. The campaigns, branding and the core value of the products made by this brand have never disappointed the consumers and have fared well in every domain the brand has entered.

The marketing of the brand is done to the masses and this is one of the few products in this category which can be used by anyone of any age group. It is a truly mass marketed product because everyone needs Antiseptic and due such a long presence and performance in the market, Dettol’s customers trust the brand completely. Some have incorporated the use of Dettol in their day to day life including bathing, cleaning and scrubbing.

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