Marketing Strategies of Carlsberg Brand

Carlsberg – Probably the best beer in the world!
How did all this begin?

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› The Carlsberg Journey

This global beer brand was founded in the year 1847 by J.C. Jacobsen and it is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Post the death of J.C. Jacobsen in the year 1887, majority of the shares are with Carlsberg Foundation.

#BeerFact – The flagship brand ‘Carlsberg’ is named after the son of J.C. Jacobsen’s son Carl.

The other major brands under its kitty are Somersby Cider, Tuborg, Russia’s favorite Baltika, Kronenbourg to name a few and over 500 local beer brands across the globe.

Carlsberg is located majorly in Western and Eastern Europe and Asia and employs more than 40,000 people.



› Beers by Carlsberg

  • Carlsberg

This is the flagship beer in the 500-beer portfolio of the Carlsberg Group. It is marketed in over 140 markets. It was first brewed in 1904, and is also known as Carlsberg Lager, Carlsberg Beer and Carlsberg Pilsner.

#BeerFact – The introduction of the Carlsberg pilsner also saw the reintroduction of the Art Nouveau-style logo that later has been used nearly unmodified since 1904, and later became the logo of the entire company. It was designed by Thorvald Bindesbøll.


  • Special Brew

This is a strong beer brewed only in Denmark and the United Kingdom. The alcohol content in this beer was 9% originally, which is now reduced to 7% and stands in the category of ‘super-strong’ beer in the UK and as a malt beer in The United States of America.

#BeerFact – Special Brew was initially brewed by Carlsberg to commemorate a visit to Denmark by Winston Churchill in 1950.

carlsberg ads

Other brands in Carlsberg Group’s portfolio

  • Tuborg (International)
  • Somersby ciders (International)
  • Kronenbourg / 1664 (International)
  • Grimbergen (International)
  • Holsten (International)
  • Baltika (Russia)


› The Unique Marketing of Carlsberg

In the year 1973, Satchi & Satchi gave the tagline ‘Probably the best beer in the world’ and it has stayed with them since then.They started marketing in corporate ads from the 1980s with this tagline and was changed in the year 2011 to ‘That calls for a Carlsberg’.

The voice over for the original ad in the year 1983 was done by the famous actor Orson Welles and his voice has been repeated in several famous ads.

However, in some countries, the beer uses its first tagline ‘Probably the best beer in the world’ for marketing.

Carlsberg has also been featured in the movie Ice Cold in Alex as the lager while the main cast was driving across the desert. This movie helped Carlsberg get very popular in the United Kingdom and also gave it its best advertising slogan ‘worth waiting for’.

carlsberg ads

‘That Calls for a Carlsberg’ was introduced as the new tagline for the brand in the year 2011. This tagline has appeared in a lot of television commercials since.

They also introduced a 30 second TV advert called ‘Spaceman’ which was a new look marketing campaign and was rolled out across 140 markets. This advert was specifically made for the Asian and Far Eastern region.


› Marketing Campaigns by Carlsberg

‘The Danish Way’

This was a £15 million integrated marketing campaign. The aim of this campaign was to revitalize its Carlsberg and Carlsberg brands in the United Kingdom. They also wanted to change its positioning to premium keeping in mind its rich history and Danish provenance.

In this campaign, you will revisit stories which have Danish roots. It features actor Mads Mikkelsen, who plays the role of a modern-day Danish philosopher pondering the secrets to his nation’s happiness as he cycles through the streets of Denmark.  


If Carlsberg Did Chocolate Bars

This is one of the most successful experimental marketing campaigns by Carlsberg. This was done in London, where in a billboard was displayed which dispersed beer! Yes, you read that right. They offered beer to pedestrians passing by and everyone just loved this entire concept!

This was more done to promote the chocolate bars made by Carlsberg a month ago this campaign was planned.

So Smooth Campaign

This campaign was launched to promote the smoothness of a new beer – Carlsberg Smooth. This is a premium mild beer which is made from finest European Barley. It is specifically made to suit the Indian palate.

The Brand ambassador for this campaign is the Indian Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan.

The ads featuring him show how smoothly can one achieve the difficult tasks in life. Again, Carlsberg used simple concepts depicted with a lot of ease.

Mahesh Kanchan, vice president-marketing, Carlsberg India Pvt. Ltd, said, At Carlsberg India, we are constantly working to offer a new taste to our consumers by being at the forefront of pioneering fresh offerings. With Carlsberg Smooth, the restaged premium mild beer, we aim to further strengthen our commitment to the Indian market and expand our portfolio. Carlsberg Smooth will be available across key markets in India and we hope to continue our tradition of providing ‘the best’ to the Indian consumers. We are confident that the refreshing brew will be hugely appreciated by all.”


› Conclusion

These are just some examples of the exemplary work done by this brand which stands true to its taglines. They try hard to keep up with it and in most of the times achieve it too.

As a brand, Carlsberg only believes in making quality products and wants to deliver the best to its audiences. They are innovative and experimental which differentiates them from other brands in the same category.

Carlsberg knows how to market their products, depending on the positioning they want for their beers or product a very unique marketing statement is released by the brand and a campaign just focusing on that comes into place which is remembered for a very long time.

It’s simplicity yet uniqueness plays a very important role in making it memorable and helping Carlsberg become a successful brand.


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