Top 10 Best Shoe brands in India

The first thing that someone notice about your attire is shoes. It is a well-known fact that “the first impression is the last impression”. A matching pair of shoes with an outfit leave a good impression on others. The design and quality of shoes increase your status and personality.

Indian footwear industry is growing at a very large scale and people are getting aware of the latest fashion trends. According to the Indian market, we are discussing the top 10 shoe brands in India.

Types of Shoes have varied as per Quality, Contents and Need from the Customers. However, Buying the best Shoes does not only depend on the Prices but also on the Quality, Comfort, Results and also on the overall reputation.

Here are some of the best Shoes brands in India.

10 . Hush Puppies

best shoe brands

It is an American brand that produces casual and formal footwear for men, women and kids. The brand sells in more than 160 countries. They are sold online by portals like Flipkart and Amazon. You can also find them on various retail outlets of Bata.


09. Reebok

best shoe brands

It was established in England in 1895. It is a very popular brand in the sporting world. The shoes manufactured by Reebok provides grip and strength. It can easily take the weight and provides more liberty to run even for a shorter distance. They are fashionable shoes and gives a breathable, soft and flexible walk. It offers shoes in various categories such as- Women, Men, Girls, Boys, Sports and Classics.


8. Red Tape

best shoe brands

It is famous for its wide range of styles and quality of leather. Red tape is owned by Mirza International and came into force in 1996. It is one of the leading lifestyle brands in India. It primarily manufactures men’s footwear in three ranges- fashion formals, casuals and slippers & sandals.

7. Puma

best shoe brands

Puma is popular for its shoes and apparel brand. It was launched in 2005 and sells its merchandise through retail and online stores in India. The shoes manufactured by Puma are durable and comfortable. Puma’s shoes are known for their functionality and style..

6. Lee Cooper

best shoe brands

Lee Cooper is well-known for its range of shoes, apparels and accessories. It has its presence in more than 70 countries. They manufacture a wide range of casual shoes, leather shoes and flip-flops that provide style and comfort to the users.

5. Liberty

best shoe brands

Liberty is an Indian company, located in Karnal, Haryana. It was founded in 1954 and manufactures around 50,000 pairs of footwear in its six manufacturing units. Liberty has a global presence in 25 countries. Liberty manufacture high-quality footwear for both men and women. They have many showrooms throughout the country where you can find shoes for your whole family.

4. Adidas 

best shoe brands

Adidas is popular for its high quality and unique designs of shoes, sports clothing and accessories. They manufacture sports shoes and comfortable sneakers for both men and women. These shoes are perfect for trekking, running, outdoor activities and adventure.

3. Bata

best shoe brands

Bata is one of the top shoe brands in India and is preferred by many people in India. Bata is the leading manufacturer and retailer of footwear in India. It started its operation in 1931 in Konnagar near Calcutta. Presently the company has the largest non-retail distribution network with over 30,000 dealers.


2. Woodland

best shoe brands

Woodland entered the Indian market in 1992 with its hand-stitched leather shoe. Aero Group is a woodland’s parent company and is a popular name in the shoe market. Previously Aero group was exporting its leather shoes to Russia but after the division of Russia, the group decided to enter into the Indian market. The shoes manufactured by Woodland are rough and tough. The boots are perfect for rough terrain and outdoor adventure.

1. Nike

best shoe brands

Nike manufactures innovative sports products. Nike is one of the best international brands that deals in sports accessories such as apparels and shoes. They manufacture shoes of various types of color, designs and sizes. You can choose the right pair of shoes as per your requirement and budget. Nike sells shoes in various categories such as basketball, golf, running, snowboarding, soccer, tennis, football, skateboarding and more. For a casual look, you can select canvas shoes.


India is becoming a huge market with great opportunities. The footwear market in India is very large. People are willing to spend on the good quality, comfortable and good- looking foot wears. A pair of shoes makes a big difference in getting a job or at the workplace. The good quality footwear can even help you to impress a girl.

Therefore, Indians are willing to spend on shoes like casual shoes, sports shoes, and beachwear shoes. You can pick any of the brands of shoes that are discussed above.

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