Top 10 Best Ghee Brands in India

Ghee is the most essential commodity of every home in India. It is also known as clarified butter as it consists of fat -soluble vitamins and is beneficial for your health. It has a natural fragrance, delicious taste with granular texture. It is used for cooking different sweets and dishes. There are many best quality ghee products in the market.

Here is the list of Top 10 best Ghee brands in India


1. Amul

best ghee brands indiaIt is the leading brand with top- selling dairy products. It has overshadowed other top dairy brands and achieved impeccable success. It has its headquarters in Anand, Gujrat. It produces high-quality desi ghee.




2. Nestle Everyday

best ghee brands indiaThey produce pure and healthy dairy products that are consumed by everybody. The people consume desi ghee without getting worried about health problems. Nestle manufacture desi ghee from purest production from the cow farm to the last process. The desi ghee is produced in the hygienic conditions. It is the most reliable and trusted brand with high-quality dairy products.



3. Britannia

best ghee brands indiaThe slogan of Britannia is “Eat healthy, think better” is a widely known brand in India. It produces high-quality dairy products like desi ghee. It comes in granular form that adds an aromatic flavor to the food. It increases the taste buds with unique form and taste. It also produces a wide range of dairy products such as butter, dairy whitener, and much more.



4. Gopaljee Ananda

best ghee brands indiaIt is a premium and acclaimed dairy product. It increases the taste in lives of millions of people with super yummy dairy products. Desi ghee is a rich source of minerals and vitamins. It also contains anti-oxidants leading to healthy growth. It is widely available in many grocery and online stores. They produce a variety of products such as milk, paneer, ghee, yogurt, lassi and much more.



5. Madhusudan

best ghee brands indiaIt is a popular company in the dairy industry. The company believes in the goodness of quality for every customer. It sells high-quality dairy products that provide many health benefits. They manufacture dairy products like cow ghee, paneer, cream milk, masala chaach and flavoured lassi. The company started its operation in 1991. They also deal in overseas marketing and exporting of dairy products.



6. Verka

best ghee brands indiaIt has its headquarters in Punjab. It produces clarified milk and butter. It is the oldest brands of dairy products. The dairy products especially desi ghee has a rich taste with smooth creamy texture. The products are of high-quality and uplift the taste buds. They produce well-known dairy products like desi ghee, ice cream, milk, flavoured lassi, butter, paneer and flavoured milk shakes.



7. Healthaid

best ghee brands indiaIt is a leading brand in dairy products that have its headquarters in Punjab. It produces desi ghee and other dairy products such as skimmed milk powder, dairy whitener, whole milk powder, gulab, daily whitener, sarson ka saag, malai lofta, shahi paneer and rasgulla. They provide high-quality and best dairy products. They ensure healthy and nutritious food products. It is trusted brands that are recommended for all Indian families.



8. Anik

best ghee brands indiaIt is the oldest brand of dairy products with impeccable recognition and success in India. Cow ghee is made from rich cow milk and is healthy and nutritious. The ghee comes in various containers like 5 litres, 2 litres, 1 litre, 500 ml, 100 ml and 200ml. They are available in various packs keeping in mind the convenience of customers. They also manufacture other products like dairy mix, anik spray and Fruitonik mango drink.



9. Milkfood

best ghee brands indiaIt manufactures products of high-quality with excellent taste and texture. It comes in an air-tight packing with its headquarters in Patiala. It is the old brand that came into existence in 1973. It has achieved appreciation, sales and success. They manufacture various dairy products such as full cream milk powder, skimmed milk powder, dairy creamer, demineralised whey powders and pure desi ghee.



10. Gowardhan ghee

best ghee brands indiaIt is the leading brand that is very popular in the milk production. It started its operation in 1992, having its headquarters in Pune with regional and marketing offices in Kolkata and Mumbai. It provides the best desi ghee right from the cow farms. They manufacture various dairy products like cheese, tonned milk, powder milk, butter, chas and gulab jamun. It also exports dairy products to many countries.

Hence, we have discussed top 10 desi ghee brands in India. You can select the above-mentioned brands according to your preference and requirement. All brands provide quality products.


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