Top 10 Brands Top 10 Best Deodorent Brands in India

Top 10 Best Deodorent Brands in India


Top 10 Best Deodorent Brands in India

In times like today where personal hygiene and personal grooming is very important to both the genders, the use and demand of deodorants have been rising quite exponentially! However, in a country as humid as India only a few deodorant brands are suitable for the skin and smell amazing. Deodorants are one of the most important necessities for every person. There are many brands are available in the Market. Which to choose that it a useful question for all.

Deodorant and body sprays are essential for men’s grooming. Perfume and deo is the most important thing for the Everyone’s Beauty.A  good deodorant is the one that gives you masculine long lasting fragrance.The fragrance is very useful and essential which helps you more in terms of Good Personality. Body Odor is the most important part of our body that plays an important role in a daily workout.

Here’s a list of top 10 deodorant brands in India.

10. Old Spice

top 10 deo brands One of the oldest brands in the market known for it’s long lasting and masculine fragrance suited for all skin types and all weather conditions.Old spice offers enchanting deodorant ranges like Pure sport, Fresh, and Fresh.We still remember when Milan Soman appeared in their ads. Its very Classical brand.he cute looking aftershave bottle of Old Spice in white and red bottle is still the best.


9. Wild Stonetop 10 deo brands

Wild Stone as a deodorant brand provides all day freshness and odour protection, the deodorant comes in different variants such as “Legend, Code, and night rider” to keep it’s customers cool and fresh.These sprays are ideal for men who sweat a lot. These wild stone deodorants come with long-lasting fragrance.


8. Niveatop 10 deo brands

Nivea gives everything the young generation asks for in a deodorant, sweat resistant, long lasting freshness. Nivea has a wide range of product for example Nivea roll on, Nivea Active, Nivea Sport etc. Why people loves the Nivea brand as they have a great scent that stays on the body for long


7. Envytop 10 deo brands

In a very short span of time Envy deodorant has captured a fair share of market and popularity amongst teenagers, one of the best product out there for teenagers in Envy, 24 hour lasting in one spray, mesmerizing fragrance. Envy has got everything, the long product range includes Envy Dark, Envy Noir, and Envy Fiery etc.


6. Niketop 10 deo brands

Nike without a doubt presents best sports deodorant for active men and women to keep them fresh all day long. It comes in variants such as Cool, Magnetic, On Fire and Wood Blast.Nike has many varients but the woody and musky notes of this deodorant makes it suitable for the day time. It can minimize the odour and makes you smell refreshing!While the product is less seen in the shops therefore, you can purchase this from online.


5. Adidastop 10 deo brands

Another sports deodorant on the list in Adidas, well known in the market is one of the best deodorants for sports enthusiasts. It caters to the need of users who sweat a lot and it provides them odour protection. The most popular variants are Adidas Dynamic pulse, Adidas Ice dive, and Adidas Pure Game.Adidas deodorants are very popular amongst the college goers and the high point is their price.


4. Reeboktop 10 deo brands

Reebok is wildly famous among the folks who like to smell good all throughout the day no matter what the weather and skin condition is. The most appreciated variants are Reestyle, Reeshine, Reefresh, and Reejuvenate


3. Park Avenuetop 10 deo brands

One of the topmost lovable brand out there is Park Avenue, it smells great and packs a long lasting effect. Voyage, Cool Blue, Storm are some of the many variations of Park Avenue deodorants.


 2. Foggtop 10 deo brands

Aajkal to Fogg chal raha hai? The Company marketing strategy proves this things.Fogg has acquired market like no one else, it claims to have all spray and no gas which makes it stand out. Long lasting freshness, sweat control and odour protection makes it popular. Some variants are Fresh Aqua, Fresh Spice, Napoleon Fragrance etc.


1. Axetop 10 deo brands

Undoubtedly the best brand out there of deodorants in India is Axe, the long lasting fragrance axe offers is a quality in itself, axe stepped into Indian market and enough it captured the market. Axe presents many variations as Denim, Dark Temptation, Marine, Axe signature. They are very popular for its lavish advertisements and also have their body cologne and body spray perfumes are also available


So for all the people out there looking for best deodorant brands can opt for any of the above and choose for yourself which one would suit best to you.

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