Top 10 Best chili Powder Brands in India

Do you know what increases the taste of Indian food? It is Indian Chilli powder! Chilli powder adds texture, color, spice and hotness to the Indian food. A bad quality chilli powder spoils entire taste and flavor of Indian food. Therefore, add taste to your food with the high-quality and spicy chilli powder.

Why we use Chili powder in India?

-Healthy eyes– Chilli powder contain Vitamin A that improves your eyesight. It also prevents macular degeneration and night blindness.

-Blood cell formation- Chilli contain iron and copper. These are essential nutrients for blood formation. Also, the deficiency of iron can lead to fatigue, anaemia and muscular weakness.

-Improve cognitive functioning– Iron in chilli leads to increased blood flow and haemoglobin production. The amount of iron and oxygen results in improved cognitive performance.

-Maintain blood pressure- Chilli powder is rich in potassium and helps to maintain a perfect ratio of potassium and sodium in the body. One tablespoon of chilli comprises 75.8 mgs of sodium and 144 mgs of potassium. They assist blood vessels to relax and thus, maintain blood pressure.

-Support the digestive system- It contains fibre that stimulates motion and increases secretion of gastric juices. It eases digestion and prevents from constipation. It also prevents from colorectal cancer.

-Fight against infections- It comprises vitamin C, an antioxidant that prevents infection and eliminates free radicles that cause cancer.

-Good for skin and hair- It helps to synthesize collagen, a protein that helps in the formation of skin and hair. Vitamin A keeps skin and hair moisturized through sebum production.

-Fight with fats- The capsaicin in the chilli powder increases metabolism and thus, increases burning of the fat.

-Aids in osteoarthritis- Chilli powder act as an anti-inflammatory agent that helps to decrease sore joints.

Here we are discussing the top 10 chilli powder brand in India


1. Everestbest chili powder brands


For around 45 years, Indians are using chilli powder and spices made by Everest. It is a very common brand that is used by every female in their kitchen. Everest prepares chilli powder from the scientific technique. It supplies genuine and authentic chilli. Everest is also widely available in UK, Canada, US and Australia.



2. MDHbest chili powder brands


The company started its operation in 1919. It produces authentic spices and chilli powder. They prepare chilli powder from the fresh chilli. These chilli are sundried and are crushed to make the powder.



3. Ramdevbest chili powder brands


Ramdev brand produces various eatables especially chilli powder. This brand has AGMARK certification. The company ensures that you are buying and consuming pure and high-quality chilli powder.



4. Tata Sampannbest chili powder brands


It is a well- known and popular brand in India. It is present in many countries and produces ready-to-cook spices. If you are looking for an authentic Indian spicy taste, then this brand is the most appropriate one.



5. Catchbest chili powder brands


The company was established in 1987. It was first to introduce sprinklers for pepper and table salt in the Indian market. They started to manufacture spices with other edibles. You can buy chilli powder from a nearby shop.



6. MTRbest chili powder brands


The full form of MTR is Mavalli Tiffin Rooms and is very famous in Karnataka. MTR prepares South Indian food mix and spices especially chilli powder. They produce high-quality and pure chilli powder.



7. Easternbest chili powder brands


This is a well-known spice producer and exporter that is based in South India. You can add ethical and spicy taste to your food with Eastern chilli powder. It does not contain any preservative. It also manufactures other spices like Green pepper, Sambhar masala, and chicken masala.



8. Priyabest chili powder brands


This brand belongs to South India. The company manufactures many spices. The spices are made from natural ingredients. The taste of chilli powder is very good. The other varieties that you can buy are Fish Masala, Chicken masala and Cury masala.



9. Cook mebest chili powder brands


Cook me is a Kolkata based company and is known for their authentic Bengali spices. You can buy chilli powder at a very reasonable price. The chilli powder tastes good and imparts an attractive color to the food.



10. Hathibest chili powder brands


This is a very reputed company that manufacture pure and high- quality chilli powder. The brand is known for its authenticity. So, increase the taste of your food with Hathi chilli powder.

Thus, you must buy and consume the best made chilli powder. We have discussed the best brands with the health benefits of chilli powder. So, increase the taste and flavor of your food with the chilli powder.


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