Top 10 Best CCTV Brands in India

It is estimated that the CCTV camera industry will grow at a rate of 13 percent from 2017 to 2022. Presently, global CCTV camera is facing an unstable growth because of acquisitions and mergers. Also, the CCTV camera invests a huge amount of money in technology and research. There is a stiff competition in the surveillance and security sector.

Security is the major concern for the people worldwide as criminal cases are quite prevalent. The criminal cases are growing at a faster pace in India. Therefore, it is important to integrate a strong surveillance system in the form of CCTVs at the private and public places. There are many companies that are offering CCTV brands in India.

The demand for CCTV cameras will increase due to the high rate of urbanization, lifestyle changes and requirement of security surveillance by the public and government bodies. The CCTV market can be segmented into a different type of CCTV cameras like a box camera, PTZ camera, bullet camera and dome camera.

Industry overview

Closed circuit TV is used to record live videos. It is transmitted to a monitor through signals. It is one of the best security devices that is available in the market to date. It is widely used in schools, restaurants, offices, airports, hotels, hospitals, public places and other important buildings.

Here we are discussing top 10 CCTVs brands in India.


1. CP Plus

It offers a single solution for all your security requirements. It provides surveillance products and security products at the best prices. It offers a large range of CCTV cameras including IP and analog cameras, convert cameras and body worn out solutions. It provides CCTV cameras to various industries such as education, banking, hospitality and many others.


2. Dahua

It provides a large range of security products such as CCTV, network camera, PTZ cameras and HDCVI camera. It fulfils the requirements of various industries like finance, banking, retail, transport and many others. It offers super durable, anti-corrosive and weather resistance products.


3. HikVision

It is one of the most renowned CCTV brands that offer a wide range of security solutions. It was established in 2001and gained a vast popularity in the surveillance industry. It has many robust and high-quality products. HikVision is known for its long service life and robust performance.


4.Alba Urmet

It is the prestigious name in the industry for offering a wide range of IP CCTV and CCTV. They offer durable products. It was established in 1989 and manufacture high-quality and high-grade security products. These CCTV cameras are used in offices, homes and workplaces.



It caters to your diverse surveillance and security requirements. It manufactures excellent grade CCTV systems. It offers various products that include IP camera, HD analog camera, speed dome and more. Its products are reasonable.



6. Zebronics

Zebronic CCTV cameras include an IP camera, AHD camera, HDCVI camera, 4 in 1 camera and PTZ camera. The smart security system keeps the eyes on your property and belonging even when you are not around.




It offers a large variety of CCTV products that are compatible with various sophisticated technologies. It manufactures suitable CCTV products for different environments. It maintains the high level of security. It is used to keep an eye on different premises irrespective of weather conditions. It can be installed anywhere.  



It is one of the top brands that is known for its high-quality CCTV cameras. It offers security solutions for industries like healthcare, education, real estate, banking and many others. It has a wide range of products that increase the look of your house. It is perfect to use in any weather conditions. It has a high water-resistance.



It offers sophisticated CCTV solutions to their clients. They customize CCTV cameras according to the requirement of business and industrial environment. It ensures that the perfect solution must be provided to the users. It is one of the best CCTV security providers with genuine rates.


10. Samsung

It is an established CCTV brand in India that provide optimal solutions. Samsung comes in the most trusted and preferred brands in India. It manufactures products in various categories. It offers CCTV cameras on the basis of functions, product category, resolution, camera types and the requirements of the surveillance industry.


The demand and the use of CCTV cameras are increasing at a faster pace. The market is administered by equipment, service, technological advancements, programming and maintenance.


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