8 New Digital Marketing Trends in the FMCG Industry

Brands generally look for fresh ways to market their products to make them more appealing to the customers. Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Industries, as compared to the others, need to apply more gumption into their marketing strategies to get more customers. They do this by employing a digital marketing agency, which comprises of seasoned specialists who have studied various trends of marketing tactics for social media. This herculean task is undertaken due to the sheer amount of competition in the industry.

A consumer, today, doesn’t have to eat whatever is cooked at home. Instead, there is a plethora of restaurants offering not only meals which are infused with nostalgic flavors but also an array of cuisines and tastes which were unheard of before.  Due to the amount of choices available to an average customer, FMCG industries have to make extra special efforts to differentiate their brands and promote brand loyalty. A sale doesn’t take place owing to the quality of ingredients used in a product. It rather is made due to the existing relationship one has with the brand and his perception of it.

According to a study conducted, on an average, a person will spend more than five years of his life on social media. Due to the sheer volume of individuals regularly present on the platform, digital marketing for FMCG has rendered phenomenal results. According to Google India Search Insights 2018, by 2020, around $45 billion of FMCG sales in India will be affected by the influence of the internet. Hence, one can safely agree that digital marketing has quite a major effect on the FMCG industry when a campaign is well-planned and well-executed.

Listed below are some of the trends of the market which have proved quite beneficial for the FMCG industries

› Personal touch 

It is a fact that humans love things which are personally customized for them. It makes them feel special, important and cared for. Automated text messages make a customer feel like he is listening to a pre-recorded telephonic conversation which just doesn’t give the answers he needs, making the activity a complete waste of time and energy.

If brands communicate to their customers as individuals rather than as a homogenous group, it will add a personal touch to the brand. This wasn’t a trend before due to the limiting ways of traditional marketing. With digital marketing literally available at our fingertips, the aim should be to truly exhaust it as a resource.


›  Respond and encourage 

Recently, twitter conversations between brands and customers are becoming quite the trend themselves. Twiterrati makes trolls and memes on them as well! For example:

A user with the twitter handle @Sunillin tweeted ‘@OldSpice tell me you love me’ , to which @OldSpice, a multinational perfume brand tweeted, ‘@Sunillin try Tinder’.

That’s not all. Along with responding, one can even turn these responses into brand marketing strategies. What this does is that it increases brand awareness and establishes a personal relationship with the user, which encourages him to buy their products instead of the others’.  


Issue an issue 

Brands have started tackling important issues and creating awareness about them. This particular strategy helps a brand build a sound level of goodwill in the market, making its customers view it in a softer light rather than just another brand. Before, brands didn’t attach themselves to any social issues in order to maintain a neutral outlook on everything, ensuring acceptance from all customers.

Now, that strategy will probably not work in their favor; in fact, if brands are silent on issues which maybe directly related to their industry, their silence may become quite counter-productive.


Regionally sound content 

There has been a notable rise in the total number of individuals who use the internet on a daily basis. This is due to a drop in data plan charges and the price range of mobile phones, which has eventually increased the number of consumers in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Regionally sound content has suddenly become very important for all brands alike. Communicating with these users through their culture or in their native tongue will make them more amicable to a brand.

For example, a digital marketing agency in Mumbai should create a lot of content which is Marathi based because that is Maharashtra’s native language. And to tap into the multi-cultural aspect of the city, such a digital agency in Mumbai can also create content in various languages to appeal to all people simultaneously.


Target social media platforms 

These platforms are where all users get stuck at. They scroll through their feed for hours, looking at irrelevant data at times, and other times buffering through some video or the other. An advertisement pop-up has become a norm now. These advertisements which are displayed on social media make the product available for sale immediately with just a click! This reduces the total time a user will take to buy the product, which will also encourage a user to complete the sale. It will induce brand awareness as well.


Video it 

Making advertisements in video formats is currently the trend of the market. Making a video helps infuse life into the campaign, it also captures the attention of an individual sooner than just audio or visual content. Studies have shown that over 70% of users, after watching an explanatory video on the product, buy it.

Hence, for FMCG brands, it can potentially turn into an instant sale. Other than explanatory videos, humor and content-based videos prove to be quite successful as well.


Collaborate with famous influencers 

Influencer marketing is one of the trends that FMCG brands can definitely make use of. It helps brands increase brand awareness and encourage brand loyalty, in turn, increasing the total number of buyers. For example, Himalaya employed influencer marketing for their face wipes with the hash tag #WipesOnTheGo. Various health and lifestyle influencers updated their Instagram stories, spreading brand awareness for the same.  


›  Instagram stories 

Instagram stories have proved beneficial for many brands. Brands can create and post as much content as they want on Instagram. Even if their content isn’t too relevant, they can use it as an Instagram story and put it up for 24 hours. This would result in higher brand awareness as well as increased customer engagement.

These are the few trends which the realm of digital media has seen quite recently, for a more optimized level of marketing. As stated before, it is very important for a brand to use digital marketing, but it is more important for FMCG brands to use this due to the amount of competition in a world where time is equivalent to money.

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