6 Top Reasons Behind Reliance Jio Brand Success

Company – Reliance Jio
Founder – Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani

Joint Implementation Opportunities or what we commonly refer to as JIO is a mobile network operator owned by the Reliance industries. Its aim is to provide 4G LTE services and it is the only VoLTE (Voice over LTE) service provider in India. After Successfully launching, All Marketing efforts made jio brand Success in this Industry.

How It All Started

Mr. Mukesh Ambani had been working on the JIO Infocomm Ltd since 2010. The idea is said to have come into existence when his daughter Isha Ambani complained of Low data speed (She’s to thank for the fast downloads we are availing using JIO now).

Reliance Industries bought a 96% stake in Infotel Broadband Services Limited (IBSL) for ₹4,800cr in June 2010. Infotel was the only company back then to have won broadband spectrum PAN India.



Jio was to be launched in 2015 but as the work was still in progress it was made available only to Jio employees and their family members for testing purposes.

But Jio was finally launched for the public in September 2016 and since then it has been the Silver bullet to most of the data problems.

Along with JIO Sim cards, another weapon that was launched by Reliance was LYF (Life) Mobile phones. It was the most affordable 4G LTE Smartphone. So people who couldn’t afford high-end smartphones now had all the option at hand.


Jio’s marketing strategy and Interesting Reasons Behind its Grand

    -India had a low data speed, poor connectivity and high prices for the data packs used by people. That’s when Jio struck with bountiful and affordable data being made available in every part of the country. Reliance JIO also has the largest Fiber Optic Network in the country which helps them provide such speedy data.

-Adding a twist to their launch story they provided 3 months of unlimited free calls, 4GB of free data usage per day at 4G speeds, free SMS and thus roping in many consumers. Statistics say the firm acquired 50 million subscribers in just 83 days of its launch. And it had about 215 million subscribers by July 2018.


    -They have always concentrated on increasing their volume (more subscribers). Rather than charging Rs. 10000 from one consumer they used the technique of charging Rs. 1000 each from 10 consumers, thus increasing their base volume of customers.


    • -Before the commercial launch of JIO, less than 15 percent of India had access to 4G connectivity. Now that the consumers were gaining fast and affordable data they were introduced to the free multimedia apps on Google play (E.g.: JioTV JioCloud, JioMags etc.).
    Thus making them addicted to data usage and thus increasing the data consumption per user. This ultimately resulted in using up more data and thus making more profits for the company.

-Even when the other competitors like Idea, Vodafone etc reduced their overall pricing, people hung on to Jio because of what is called as the Endowment effect.The endowment effect is when someone places a higher value on something they own simply because they own it and they are comfortable with it.

    • -Now as 4G services were being made available so easily there were many who could not afford high-end Smartphone to access all this. Jio had previously tied up with Intex for providing handsets with 4G VoLTE technology but later on, Reliance bought out their own range of LYF phones.

-These were mainly targeted for the ones in Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities who weren’t much into the digital world. So in short, even the phones had a potential of catching up in the market.

-Unlike its other competitors, Jio directly invested in 4G services rather than in 2G or 3G services. Mukesh Ambani always thought long-term and hence today they are well equipped to handle it even if in future needs like 5G and 6G arrive.


Jio Campaigns

Jio’s first ever campaign was launched in the light of giving wings to our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for Digital India. They said, “Jio is a dedication to that Digital India dream of the Prime Minister, his vision for the 1.2 billion people of India.”

jio welcome offer ad

Similarly, other campaigns with slogans like “Now India will fly. Jio is here.” Featuring Shahrukh Khan and introducing Jio Prime with a bunch of youngsters singing “Hoyenga hoyenga continue hoyenga” which was to introduce their amazing offers post the unlimited free period.

LYF smartphone was endorsed by Kangana Ranaut and other cricket celebrities whereas their “Dhan Dhana Dhan” offer was introduced featuring Deepika Padukone along with other cricket celebrities.


Their latest ad campaign was in regard to the ISL 2018 along with a song “football, football, jiyo football.” The first major campaign for promoting Indian Super League across the Indian Subcontinent #JioFootball.”, The video featured various celebrities such as Virat Kohli (FC Goa co-owner), Ranbir Kapoor (Mumbai City FC co-owner), John Abraham (North-East United FC owner), Arjun Kapoor (FC Pune co-owner), and Jacqueline Fernandez (Delhi Dynamos’s brand ambassador) along with 29 other footballers who play in ISL for their respective franchises.


Reed Hastings the CEO of the world’s largest online video streaming company Netflix mentioned that the mobile operators all around the world should be taking a cue from India’s Reliance Jio to help make the internet more accessible at lower prices.

He said in an interview with the Economic Times newspaper “We hope someone would do a Reliance Jio in every other country.” This was indeed a proud moment for the Reliance group.

So in short Reliance Jio aims at harnessing the full potential of the internet to create a digital revolution through their technologies. Innovative services and long-term planning will radically bring world at one’s fingertips much faster and also transform the way Indians think, work, live and are entertained.

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