10 Interesting Reasons Behind NIKE Brand Success

Nike is a well-known brand that has received tremendous recognition throughout the world. With the domain of this article, we would discuss how this brand has turned into the main organization in sports and clothing. Nike was established in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight with $1200 as an investment. The organization was initially called “Blue Ribbon Sports”, which later progressed toward becoming “Nike Inc” in 1971, named after a Greek goddess of triumph. But the Question is How Nike brand Success in the market.Let read more.

– Nike has developed their Logo and Brand with the intensive marketing strategy

Nike advances their items with renowned people, proficient and school competitors with sponsorship contracts. Nike’s first celebrity to endorse their brand was a Romanian tennis player named Ilie Nastase. Nike additionally puts resources into advertising at an early stage in their foundation. At present, Nike centers around sponsorships, email showcasing, web advertising and used mixed media promoting efforts in order to maintain their brand.

Some examples of Nike’s Sponsorships are:

Golf – Tiger Woods
Basketball – Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Kobe Bryant
Baseball – Albert Pujols and Joe Mauer
Hockey – Alex Ovechkin
Soccer – Ronaldinho and Cristiano Ronaldo
Tennis – Roger Federer and Serena Williams
Football – Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Eli Manning, and Joe Flacco


– Nike Emphasizes on Selling the “Enthusiastic Benefits” of their Product

Nike offers a way of life, it takes advantage of an enthusiastic part of the clients that need to try to live more advantageous and to locate their own “significance”. It is to be remembered that Bill Bowerman did not offer his shoes with his showcasing technique, but rather the passionate advantages of linking running and sound living with their brand. By linking the concept of healthy living, Nike attracts their customer to buy their products.


– Nike offers New Technologies as a part of their promotional strategy

Nike has created and built up an assortment of new innovations related to their image. For instance, Nike built up a shoe that will automatically lace your shoes when you put your feet in the shoe. This technology is known as HyperAdapt 1.0 and it took them 10 years to design this technology. But ultimately their hard work pays off.


– Nike offers assorted products to your daily needs that help them to capture a great market share

Nike has an assortment of brandishing items for every sports need. It incorporates sports gear and attire for baseball, ice hockey, Olympic style events, cricket, football and so forth. Notwithstanding sports equipment, they additionally give attire, handbags, wallets, gloves, shades and so on. By offering more items to more individuals, in a larger number of business sectors than some other games organization, they can catch a far more prominent piece of the overall industry of the market than other organizations.


– Nike Emphasized on Quality and Creating Products that Help Athletes Perform Better

Including most pioneers in this competitive world, Nike esteems the buyer and knows the significance of giving a quality item. Their image is related to giving the first-rate item to competitors that assist them to perform much better. The message is to customers that Nike needs to improve your life at something you are energetic about (regardless of whether that is running or any sports) and to enhance your general wellbeing.


– Nike Excels and Responds much better as compared to their competitors

For instance, Nike propelled their site in the year 1999 preceding their rivals: Foot Locker launched their website in 2000 and Adidas in 2006. This means 7 years much before than Adidas. It additionally can be reflected in the site deals- Nike in 2011 had in excess of four times the deal than its counterpart Adidas. Nike was one of the sport items organizations to use web-based social networking. Nike additionally attempts to remain ahead of their rivals with their outstanding innovations in their items (i.e. automatic lacing shoes).


– The Concept of Emotional Branding by Nike

Nike offers different articles that recommend that it has an enthusiastic marking which plays on the possibility of bravery (you the shopper having the capacity to discover your quality and significance). It is noticed that they recount stories of the battle and constancy of an individual (regardless of whether expert or a beginner) that is fighting an “interior scoundrel” and it closes in triumph. Nike endeavours to pull on something that reverberates with everybody with their motto “Do what needs to be done”, a mantra for people to guarantee when they handle their objectives. This mantra is as we know popular today is “Just do it”.


– Nike Associates itself with different Sports as a part of their promotional strategy for Success

Nike and Olympics

Nike’s brilliant shoes on Olympic player Michael Johnson was a key showcasing method to make their brand worldwide successful. Nike completed an assortment of innovative showcasing methods that would propose Olympics, however never specify it in their marketing.

NBA and Nike

Adidas surrendered their association with the NBA for attire and pullovers in the year 2015. Beginning in 2017/2018 Nike will have an eight-year contract to give pullovers and attire to the NBA association

NFL and Nike

Nike built up an agreement with the NFL in 2012 for a long time. In the year 2015, Nike included 3 more years with the NFL without a sale, which some would state was an extremely useful move for the organization to achieve success in the long run.


– How Does Nike Cope up with Failures?

Nike got a ton of negative response from the public because their items being made in sweatshops and have below-mentioned disadvantages as suggested by the public:

  • Workers being not paid
  • Child labour
  • Hazardous environments and working conditions of the employees.
As a result, to this, Nike responds affirmatively to maintain their worldwide reputation:
  • A standard protocol for the suppliers.
  • Nike authorizes work to employees of 18 years of age for industrial facility footwear positions and 16 years of age for attire and other items.
  • Presented SHAPE – Safety, Health, Attitudes of administration, People Investment, and Environment program
  • Extensive and safe training for all the employee’s Compulsory audits by external firms
  • Introduction of a 101 Transparency Program to build up a trust among its customers.
  • Participation in international and non-for-profit organizations to show their concern for the needy.

It all happened in the year 2005 and Nike has successively overcome the negative impacts on its brand image.


– Leadership Statistics about Nike:

  • It is to be remembered that Nike possesses 48% of the athletic footwear brand image in the United States. Particularly for the basketball shoes, Nike has a 96% share in this industry.
  • In the year 1996, Nike has $6.4 billion USD as its income and has developed to $32.46 billion USD at the beginning of the year 2016.
  • Nike has 31% of the worldwide athletic footwear market.
  • There are 700 Nike stores comprehensively.
  • There are 45 nations that have a Nike office.

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