Marketing Strategies 5 Reasons Behind Renault Kwid Success in India

5 Reasons Behind Renault Kwid Success in India

The Renault Kwid has made a big impact in India. The increasing density of Kwids on our roads is proof enough. Its Small but Mighty and Stylish.


5 Reasons Behind Renault Kwid Success in India

The Renault Kwid has made a big impact in India. The increasing density of Kwids on our roads is proof enough. Its Small but Mighty and Stylish.

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Brand: – Renault Kwid
Company:– Renault S.A.
Slogan: – #LiveforMoreStyle

Renault is a French multinational automobile manufacturer. Renault India Pvt Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Renault S.A. The Company has very wide portfolio of the Cars. Duster is One of the Popular cars of the Renault in india.

At the Time of Launching of kwid, The Renault thing that this car would transform the brand’s fortunes in India. Why did Renault believe the Kwid will be a game-changer?

Why did Company think so? I think there are many reasons of it like believes its small car Kwid has the ‘right product, right time and right price’ mix for India. Indian loves the small car which is good in Average and looks. just like 800, Alto etc

When Renault independently starts its Operation in India that year they just established the brand and its image to Indian Customers. India is the very broad market where Maruti Suzuki is the leader which selling a huge number of cars. After launching of Duster in India Market, Renault get the very good attention from the Youth of India which feels them to be a youngest automotive brands in the country. The Company has sold more the 2.2 Million units in India.

The Company has decided that they are going to taste something different by launching a small stylish car in India. That was Pretty exciting time for the Company but they are hoping a good long way to go.


Why is Indian mindset different in terms of buying Vehicle?

Maruti Suzuki is very well aware of the Mindset of the Consumer of India that why they ran one Tvc called ” Kitna Deti Hai” Indians are reached a lot in terms of Average, Design, Parts availability etc After that they go for buying decision. Indian are believe in investment and make themselves far in Expenses. Renault understood that things and research that the Small car should be contemporary, good in term of technology, Parts Availability and value for Money.  So, keeping that in mind they might design the “Kwid”.

Renault Kwid, one of India’s most popular small cars. Kwid is a good example of a successful strategy to challenge a well-established market leader. We’re getting closer to the consumer. While we’re seeing a few small changes in the consumer mindset, the basics stay the same.

renault kwid advertisement
Renault kwid Advertisement

Maruti’s Alto has been a bestseller for Maruti all along. The brand had a strong equity in the market and unmatched value proposition. No competitors dared to compete with the brand because of the low-cost base of Maruti. Maruti’s Alto is best value for money with less Maintenance Cost which cant any Company compete.

But Renault finds that Customers are bored with the Products. and they will accept change if something new in same Price range available. While the value proposition is still unmatched, Kwid brought in a lot of freshness to the design of the car. Finally, Renault is in the Market in 2015 ,and as researched they got huge success in terms of Selling. Indian mind accept this product in terms of its design, Price and Average.

Renault India also ropes in Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor as its brand ambassador. The association is to make a brand image of Renault young and quickly establishes the relation with Customer in India and help them to reach on best.


Two Main Reason Which helped “Kwid” to be a brand:-

Differentiation – Renault changed the game of small car market by launching Kwid with a very bold design derived from its successful SUV – Duster

Availability: According to reports, Renault has ensured that Kwid has 98% localization in terms of the parts



  • We know that Company has been won on its Indian minds. but this wave will continue in Future. Yes! it may Continue if they Overcome problems which Create the dissatisfaction.
  • Indian consumers are like investment kind Mindset, they invested but they are notsatisfiedd with Performance of this Car. Some are Complaining that The Kwid is lack of power of the Kwid. Kwid was launched with an 800 cc engine that was not meeting the expectations. Company should not this thing and extent this brand with more CC Engine.
  • As per Certain News, Renault kwid failed the crash tests again conducted by the Global National Car Assessment Programme (NCAP), a UK-based independent charity, focused on consumer-related vehicle safety initiatives.

Still, A lot of things to learn and understand from the Indian Customers, After that kwid and Renault will Create a Space in their Mind.

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