Marketing 16 Popular Brand Logos Which have Bird Symbols

16 Popular Brand Logos Which have Bird Symbols


16 Popular Brand Logos Which have Bird Symbols

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Multinational Companies are spending huge money and doing research to make a brand. Before understanding the importance of a good logo, it is necessary to know the significance of a good logo for Your business. A logo is more than an Identity. its gives immense credit to the brand.A logo should be what we are doing and we are. A Creative logo stands for the company as it is presented on various platforms for promoting business effectively.

Main Attractive part of Big Company’s reputation is the good branding.Branding is the use of various promotional tools and messages to convey an intended image to drive sales and Create the reputation in the Mind of Customer. Symbols are highly Important to the effective entrenchment of your brand. Along with logos, companies often use other visual depictions or characters to tell stories and build brands. Twitter, The Larry, American Eagle,  are among other iconic character symbols that have enhanced or are enhancing company brands.In fact, mascots seem to have been gaining popularity.

Why is the Symbol of Bird in the logo Important? Having a mascot as part of your branding may seem like just an aesthetic choice, but it’s actually more powerful than it looks. its more appealing and remember easily to the Customers. Every bird has its won Personality. Through that different brands are comparing their identity with other brands.Having a mascot gives you greater flexibility in terms of brand application.A mascot will take you much further and make you more branded than just the logo.

Purpose of Bird Symbol in 16 Popular Brands Logos


) Brand: Twitter
       Bird: Mountain Blue Bird
In 2006, Started as a small company twttr has grown to become global phenomenon.Twitter’s Bird Logo is the very Popular in the below list. It’s Larry. Larry the Bird. As in, Larry Bird, the Hall of Fame basketball player.According to Douglas Bowman, designer of Twitter, the new logo resembles a Mountain Bluebird.

brands logos with bird


) Brand: Nestle
      Bird: Bird Family on Nest
Nestle, is one of the biggest food companies in the world.Henri Nestlé was one of the first Swiss manufacturers to build up a brand with the help of a logo.The Nestlé logo is undoubtedly one of the most memorable and well-recognized food logos ever created.The blue color in the Nestlé logo represents prosperity, purity, care and goodness.

brands logos with bird



) Brand: Japan Airlines
      Bird: Crane
There are a lot of birds in airline logos but crane symbol in the Logo represent the Tru Japanese.In Japanese culture, the crane is viewed as a symbol of long life, prosperity and good health. The company also added a Red Colour in the Logo, Which means happiness.

brands logos with bird



) Brand: NBC
      Bird: Peacock
The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is an American English language commercial broadcast television network.NBC is sometimes referred to as the “Peacock Network”.you can see a set of colorful feathers spread out like a fan is brand of a television network. stylized peacock logo, introduced in 1956 to promote the company’s innovations.

brands logos with bird



) Brand: Lufthansa
      Bird: Crane

Lufthansa is the largest German airline.Lufthansa is one of the five founding members of Star Alliance, the world’s largest airline alliance.The name Lufthansa is derived from two Sanskrit words “Lupth” and “Hansa” meaning disappearing crane.The simple yet bold lines stand for clarity, reliability and safety.

brands logos with bird



) Brand: Kingfisher
      Bird: Kingfisher
Kingfisher Airlines Limited was an airline group based in India.the Kingfisher is a long-time symbol of peace and prosperity. KIngfisher group rebranded this Logo, as this logo represents the Luxury, Pride, Viberant, Natural etc


brands logos with bird



) Brand: Hollister
      Bird: Seagull
Hollister is an American lifestyle brand owned by Abercrombie & Fitch Co.Hollister’s story is based on a fictional character named John M. Hollister.The Hollister logo features a flying seagull which is usually associated with sea coasts.The maroon color in the Hollister logo relates to joy, courage and strength.

brands logos with bird




) Brand: Future Group
      Bird: Bird
Future Group is an Indian private conglomerate from India. The logo is very Attractive which means ” Golden Bird”. The Colour used in the logo represents with joy, sunshine, and the tropics. The Group is famous for its Unique Marketing of Different Products.

brands logos with bird



) Brand: Dove
      Bird: Dove
Dove is a personal care brand owned by Unilever. The Dove silhouette used in the logo is very attractive and gives a gentle touch to their Products.Its original color was golden, but keeps changing based on the ad campaign or the individual product.The design of this logo exudes sophistication and encourages customers.

brands logos with bird



) Brand: Giorgio Armani
      Bird: Eagle
Giorgio Armani is an Italian fashion house founded by Giorgio Armani.Giorgio Armani is a high-end label specializing in lifestyle Products.This spread eagle logo depicts the supremacy and high quality of the Emporio Armani clothing line.Giorgio Armani is a high-end label specializing.The horizontal white lines across the black body create a sense of style.

brands logos with bird



) Brand: Smirnoff
      Bird: Eagle
Smirnoff is a  vodka brand Owned by the British company Diageo.The bird and crown on the Smirnoff logo is borrowed from the Russian Coat of Arms.he red and silver colors stand for youth and vibrancy and are meant to grab attention. The Eagle with Crown represents Pride, Joy, New Movement etc.

brands logos with bird



) Brand: Duolingo
      Bird: OWL
Duolingo is a free and premium language-learning platform. The Main reason of Choosing Green Color in the logo is the Owl “Duo” a very rare green owl Species.It’s represent the professional and still cheerful. Some Saying its Cute character. Its view makes it look like an Angry Bird.

brands logos with bird



) Brand: Gulf Air
      Bird: Falcon
Gulf Air is the flag carrier of Bahrain.Gulf Air’s Golden Falcon logo gives the very attractive look and Golden Color represents the Luxury. Falcon bird symbolize for success, victory and rising above a situation.

brands logos with bird



) Brand: American Airlines
      Bird: Eagle
American Airlines, is a major United States airline.In 1931, Goodrich Murphy, an American employee, designed the AA logo.American Airlines calls the new logo the “Flight Symbol, incorporating the eagle, star, and the letter “A” of the classic logo.

brands logos with bird



) Brand: American Eagle
      Bird: Eagle
American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. is an American clothing and accessories.the logo of the company was made to changes to its products and leadership. The Flying Eagle is the very popular and attractive logo. Which represents eyesight indicating the clear focus of the company and its sharp talons indicating aggression.

brands logos with bird



) Brand: Firefox
      Bird: Phonix
The web browser Mozilla Firefox grew from a tiny little company formed in 2004.The very first logo and name of the company that was to become the famous Firefox.Mozilla tried to make the logo their own by having the name officially be Mozilla Firebird.

brands logos with bird



) Brand: Kiwi Shoe Polish
      Bird: Kiwi
Kiwi is the brand name of a shoe polish, from Australia.kiwis are flightless birds native to New Zealand.The logo has this white bird standing over the brand name, against a red background outlined in gold. This brand has a very good awareness in the shoe polish Market.

brands logos with bird


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