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How Online Dating Sites Helps You to Find your Perfect Partner


How Online Dating Sites Helps You to Find your Perfect Partner


Online dating is a growing trend in India. In fact, it is a much needed industry for a country where societal and cultural stigmas are rife over relationships between a male and female or partners of the same gender.

Though some taboos are easing thanks to what can be termed as ‘new-age’ Indian movies, various factors continue to inhibit a woman or man from finding partners on their own.

Given this scenario, online dating sites are providing excellent services to women and men who find themselves at odds when it comes to finding partners for various purposes.They help people cross barriers posed by family and society and overcome timidity while finding partners. Here we look at how online dating websites help you find a perfect partner.

〉 Advantages of Online Dating Websites

There are several distinct benefits of registering as member on a reputed online dating website. Understandably, they charge fees that can prove rather exorbitant.

However, the expense can be justified considering the daily physical and mental trauma suffered by people who are lonely, feel neglected or even unwanted for any reason.


1.  Overcoming Diffidence

A large number of women and men in India lack confidence in approaching member of the opposite gender.

Others are coy about expressing their amorous feelings for fear of rejection o being frowned upon by family and society. Consequently, they are unable to find suitable partners and suffer in silence.Should you be afflicted with shyness or cannot express feelings properly, online dating websites can help.

Once you register as member, these websites allow browsing profiles of various members. You can select the one that best suits your interests, location and age group. Online dating websites offer a high level of privacy to members: meaning, your real identity will not be revealed.

Upon finding a matching profile, you can exchange messages and chat online, which helps overcome shyness and lack of confidence. Once this relationship in cyberspace grows, you can meet the other partner in person.



2. Nymphomania and Satyriasis

Nymphomania and Satyriasis are defunct medical terms that describe a condition called hyper-sexuality in women and men.

They are a form of disease caused by excessive secretion of hormones that cause uncontrollable desires and libido and associated psychological factors. Victims of this disorder feel compelling urge to satisfy their carnal desires or risk severe psychiatric conditions.

In India, this medical problem is least understood. Victims cannot express themselves or satisfy lust caused by the condition.Medical treatment involves drastic measures like taking strong psychiatric medications to suppress desires, chemical or physical castration.

Anyone suffering from these conditions can register at online dating sites and help overcome the frequent, compelling desires by finding similarly afflicted partners. There are several websites where you can find partners interested only in intimate relationships.



3. Migration for Work

With India witnessing an economic boom as well as better education, the country is witnessing large number of young women and men moving to urban centers to take lucrative jobs.

Migrating for work comes with a fair share of problems such as feeling alien in a different location, albeit in the same country.Despite earning high incomes, such persons can become prone to loneliness and depression.

You can easily find partners at your location from same culture and background through online dating services. This helps soften the impact of migrating for work and living alone in a different culture. Further, it also imparts a sense of security to both partners.



4. Soul Mates

Often, a spouse does not serve as a soul-mate in India. A married partner may be unable to confide several things to the other for fears of being misunderstood or triggering undue fear.While the Indian society laughably describes a spouse as “better half’ or even “life partner”, this is not often the case.

Consequently, a marriage can deteriorate and become only an affront to avoid stigmas and parental pressure.

You can overcome this situation too by finding a soul mate through an online dating website. It is worth remembering that online dating services do not help you to meet partners who are merely interested in physical relationships.

They also help find members of the same or opposite gender who share same values, interests, hobbies and problems. You can also have Platonic relationship with someone you meet through online dating services.



5. Dating and Marriage

India ranks among the few countries where the ancient tradition of arrange marriages continues to run rife. In many communities women and men are discouraged openly or tacitly against finding a spouse of their choice.

Understanding any human takes time and patience. However, patience proves worthwhile since it eliminates chances of major marital conflicts.

Should you wish to look for marrying a person who understands and accepts you with all positives and negatives, it is best to search for one through an online dating website. There are several Indian dating sites which can help you to find your perfect partner.

As mentioned earlier, you can begin a relationship by exchanging emails and online chats and meet in person only if desirable. There are no compulsions to date a person and enter into intimacy with the person you meet online.


〉  Flipside of Online Dating Websites

While these are sufficient reasons to utilize online dating websites, there are several flipsides too. It is worth remembering that profiles and pictures you view on these websites may not always be genuine: these sites do not ask identity and age proof.

You may also come across profiles where an attractive picture does not depict the actual woman or man.

While online dating websites do not reveal your identity, there are chances that some relative, friend or acquaintance may notice your picture and profile.

Though these websites charge considerable money as fees, there are no guarantees you will find a right partner within the membership period.

In Conclusion

Before you rush to sign-up as a member of any online dating service, we recommend you verify its credentials: there are several scammers in this industry too.

Also, use caution and discretion before intimacy with anyone you meet online: they could be victims of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

Further, you may find yourself embroiled in relations with someone who is more interested in your purse rather than your heart.Several online dating sites also provide apps that can be downloaded on your smart-phone and allows you to search partners discreetly, instead of home, office or a cybercafé.

Online dating websites do provide an excellent and much needed service in India. However, you need to be cautious in your quest for the perfect partner. To get the best of online dating, only register at very reputed websites with proven credentials.

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