Marketing The Top 10 Best Free SEO Tools for 2018

The Top 10 Best Free SEO Tools for 2018


The Top 10 Best Free SEO Tools for 2018

SEO or rather search engine optimization doesn’t require much money. It can be done completely free of cost, if you are aware of the Best seo tools 2018, that can be used to vamp up the process. With free tools for SEO one can benefit a lot and the SEO of the website takes place with minimum charges as well. With the right set of tools, SEO just got way easier than one could even think. In this post and with the best tech magazines online supporting the use of such free tools, you will get to know about the common and FREE SEO tools that would be helping in competitor research, keyword research, link building and also rank tracking. Let’s get into the details and know more.


One of the most popular and also the top favorite of million users, it tells about the details of the visitors visiting the website. It gives the details of the websites traffic history and provides a bird’s view about the potential issues that your website might e facing, which is affecting your online venture and its profit making abilities.

Google Search Console

If you are a novice when it comes to SEO, then this user-friendly tool is going to be of immense help. This tool will lend you with valuable information about the website’s performance and also the potential problems. A new version is available of this tool with more refined features.

Google AdWords – The Keyword Planner

Having the right set of keywords in the content is essential and what can be better than this tool to help you with it. Open the tool, plug the website URL in the box and review the suggested keywords. Yes, you just got the target keywords.

Google Optimise

SEO isn’t about rankings only. The website’s content also needs to be scanned. The content has to be engaging and should have the right words to drive traffic to your website. This tool definitely puts the effectiveness of the content to test.

Live Keyword analysis

Too much of keyword in the content is of no good. It can backfire. This tool helps to check the keyword density of the content to make sure the text is readable and the right balance is maintained. Best part, this tool comes FREE!

Seed Keywords

This tool is again used for keyword research. Content without keywords is useless as it cannot be optimized for your website’s gain. With the help of this tool you ask questions and by getting legitimate answers from different users, one will know the legit search terms.


This tool is for checking the link of a page. This tool can help you to find out whether a link is working or not. It’s a useful tool to find out the popularity of broken links to get the broken link building up.


Do you wish to know how good or bad is your website’s SEO optimization? Then this FREE tool does it for you. SEO check, keyword analysis, SEO comparison and ranking check are the top features of this tool to help you out.

Google PageSpeed Insights

With this tool you can check the speed of your website and its user-experience. Just enter the URL and click on the analysis button. Above 85, if you get a green score, it’s good; otherwise you might need a fix to the problem.

SEO SiteCheckup

You not only get a SEO score check for your website, but also can take an informed decision about the pertaining SEO issues like security, speed and mobile usability. With the free version you can get 5 check-ups in one day.

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