Top 10 Best Pre/Play Schools in Faridabad

Choosing the best school for kids is not an easy task. Everyone wants their kids to have good education and that is only possible when they are enrolled in the best school with the most effective model of teaching. There are hundreds of schools that compete to gain the trust of the parents but one should be careful as to which one to believe.

Schools have varied curriculum offering the best of courses to the students. However, choosing the best school does not only depend on the courses but also on the atmosphere, teaching stuff and also on the overall reputation.

Here are some of the best kids play schools in Faridabad

best play school faridabad

Kidzee is one of the most popular kids play school franchisees in India. With their pan Indian presence, they have built a trustworthy reputation for parents. They offer some of the best early childhood learning experiences with curricula designed to keep the needs of children. They have certified teachers; who provide multiple layers of security and also joyful learning experience using tablets. They have successfully launched a special learning program for toddlers. Also, let your kid participate in the summer camps and adventurous trips organized by the playschool for a lovely experience.

Mother’s Pride 
best play school faridabad

Mother’s Pride as the name suggests is a play school founded with lots of love. There are several branches of this play school which was established in 1996 at Paschim Vihar for the first time. Since then the school has moved from strength to strength. Their curricula are based on teaching the children early education to create a sound foundation for life. The school encourages transparent communication between parents, students and teachers. The school offers every facility that will help a child grow positively and it has received awards for being a reputed kids play school.

Euro Kids 
best play school faridabad

Euro kids is one of the leading play schools in India where a child plays, learns, and grows according to his/her strengths. The school’s curriculum involves scientifically designed toys, games and technology making learning fun and engaging. The school has been there for 15 years ensuring 360-degree engagement for the students. It follows a 5-point security system along with offering total health and hygiene facilities. They have also introduced certain innovative programs for the kids along with inculcating team-building skills and friendship-making skills for the kids.

Bachpan a Play School
best play school faridabad

Bachpan, as the name suggests in Hindi, means childhood and the school ensures a safe, secure and playful one. They have several branches all over India and have been there for over 10 years promising an incredible future for the kids. An ISO certified company; they provide a solid education to the children of India. They use systematic and innovative ways of learning for the kids in the school. They are making preschool education accessible to children from every social stratum. The study material offered by them is scientific and advanced along with latest infrastructure and unique play and learning equipment.

Kids Ken e Play School

best play school faridabad

Kids Ken taps into the natural curiosity of children to play and learn. Kids learn through games because it keeps them interested. At Kids Ken teachers are dedicated, innovative, patient and compassionate which encourages the students to learn. The students’ emotional and physical needs are met with lots of love and care. The learning programs incorporate dance, music, art, drama, computer learning, field trips, outdoor activities, discovery centers and various projects to hold the children’s interest. IT has been incorporated into the curriculum helping students, teachers and parents keep track of their child’s progress.

Dudes and Dolls
best play school faridabad

With such a cute name, this amazing Cosmic School makes learning easy and joyful for students. In this school, the admins believe that education helps to see things differently and every child is different with his/her own potential. This play school is a fascinating world to learn and grow. From the aesthetically done interiors to the facilities; from the curriculum methodology to the friendly environment created by a bunch of caregivers and teachers this school has made a lot of difference in the lives of many. Parents often feel secure that their kids are a part of Dudes and Dolls.

Kidz Kingdom
best play school faridabad

Kidz Kingdom is one of the premier play schools in Faridabad. They provide an integrated learning program for the kids. The kids here develop the intellectual, lingual, social, physical, emotional and creative aspects of their characters. They admit children from 2+ to 5 years. The school offers air-conditioned environment, meals, day boarding, CCTV surveillance, play grounds, splash pool, ball pool library and other rooms for various activities.

Little Millennium 
best play school faridabad

Little Millennium is one of the largest education companies in India which helps kids take their first big step in the real world of education. The school inculcates right values in children through a culturally sound environment and caregiving teachers. The idea is to develop a well-aligned health, mind, and soul. All the programs incorporate a fun learning process in groups so that they can learn how to collaborate with others. This creates good value and excitement within a child. Their Seven Petal curriculum has earned them awards.

Rise Kids
best play school faridabad

Rise Kids as the name suggests helps children to rise in their lives by making the best educational practices available to them. The learning system here is a combination of self-direction and teacher-led instruction making the best of both worlds available to the children. They take care of every young learner by developing communication, mathematical concepts, health, and safety, gaining autonomy, arts and aesthetics, social environment and play methods.

Sai Sanskar 
best play school faridabad

This play school is a great place for the children to learn and grow in a joyful environment. It offers an amazing blend of academics, technologies and infrastructure to energize a kid and also make him/her learn. It is one of the best schools offering learning with game facilities for overall development of a child.

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