Brands Brand Facts 10 Interesting Facts of Amul Brand

10 Interesting Facts of Amul Brand


Brands Brand Facts 10 Interesting Facts of Amul Brand

10 Interesting Facts of Amul Brand

amul logo

1 “Amul spurred India’s White Revolution, which made the country the world’s largest producer of milk and milk products and became the largest food brand in India.”


2 “Full form of Amul Name is Anand Milk Unions Limited. its also associated with the Sanskrit Word “Amoolya”


3 “Amul’s architect and chairman late Dr Verghese Kurien died in the 50th year of the creation of Amul.”


4 “The Amul girl was born in 1966. She already completed 50 years, Amul celebrated her golden jubilee a couple of years ago.”


first amul hoarding


5“The (original) Amul Girl was created by Sylvester daCunha (daCunha Communications) to counter the Polson dairy girl ( a locally-owned dairy in Anand)”


6 “Amul owns 85 percent share in butter market. 65 to 66 share in Cheese with Market Leader. It also has 88% market share in butter,63% share in infant milk and 45% market share in dairy whitener.”

7 “The present Amul Butter cartoons are drawn by Jayant Rane.”


8 “Amul already launched Indian Desi Cow Milk(A2 milk) which boost the Mind power and its also Planning to launch Camel Milk First time in India.”



9  “The Amul model has helped India to emerge as the largest milk producer in the world. More than 15 million milk producers pour their milk in 1,44,500 dairy cooperative societies across the country.”


10 “daCunha designed a campaign which is popular and a series of hoardings on day-to-day issues.It earned a Guinness world record for the longest-running ad campaign in the world.”

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