Marketing Real Meaning of 35 Famous Brand Names

Real Meaning of 35 Famous Brand Names


Real Meaning of 35 Famous Brand Names

A Name of Company can Break or Make the company’s Image! The First Step of any brand evolution starts with the research of a good and creative name. A Strong Brand identity is the pillar of the Marketing Strategies. There is so many things are associated with the Name of the brand. We have seen many popular brands that names are simply after their founder’s name or surname.But it’s interesting to find the meaning of that popular brands. We should have to aware about the

We should have to aware about the real meaning of its brand name. it creates the brand sense. Some brand names take inspiration from ancient mythology, some are completely made-up, and some arrive in the world out of pure luck.

Cool names with interesting meaning are remembered easily, while names that describe what your company does sound like all the rest.

Here is the infographic which is made by 7Brands. It all about the meaning of the some of the most recognizable brands from around the world.

Meaning of some names will definitely surprise your!!


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