7 Reason Behind Fogg Deo- “Bina Gas Wala Deo ” Success

  • Brand: FOGG Deo
  • Company: Vini COsmetics
  • Tagline: Bina Gas Wala Deo Spray.
  • USP:  A body spray without gas which hence lasts longer

Gujarati Entrepreneur has been made an Epitome of Success in the Business.Being a Successful Entrepreneur is not everybody’s Cup of tea, but Gujarati learnt out what cup of tea from their Experience and legacy of Doing Business. One of such Inspirational entrepreneur From the Gujarat, Mr Darshan Patel, the founder of the Ahmedabad based Vini Cosmetics, has a well-earned reputation for sniffing out branding success in Many Cosmetic Products.Patel’s marketing acumen, which he’d sharpened while at Paras Pharma, the company that was acquired by Reckitt Benckiser. India is the fastest growing deodorant market in the world and Vini Cosmetic already knew the Truth of this Industry.

Not all Indian are love to use the Perfume and Deodorant, But this Category has a huge potential with Estimated 2300 Carore market size.The Indian deodorant market has more than 500 deodorant brands. Indian fragrance Market is growing at a CAGR of 32.71%.

The Best things to get Product acceptance and awareness in the Market are to be Differentiate. Being Top in the Category is not an easy job, you should have to reinvent yourself to delight the Consumers.

As many Deo brands are busy to lure the Consumers with the beautiful Girls with same type Products, Vini cosmetics came up with a different type of product, a liquid based product instead of gas. It already started its game to break the stereotype in the deo industry.From being a newbie pitching product attributes such as ‘No Gas, Only Perfume’ to a brand talking to youngsters as well as the older generation. The USP of this brand is long lasting fragrance and guaranteeing 800 sprays for a single Fogg bottle.Everyone Well aware that the gaseous sprays didn’t last long and that consumers didn’t much like them for that reason. This the gap where the Vini cosmetic fits its Product to get the big share.

The use of such fragrance products continuously due to brand awareness, increasing disposable income, growing demand in middle-class people, the price of fragrance in the form of mass perfumes and deodorants.

‘Kya Chal Raha hai, Fogg Chal Raha Hai’, the battle cry of Fogg deodorant in the world of advertising took the country by storm.But such differentiation is sustainable and relevant. Patel knows very well that if they have to stick or increase their share they have to innovate them.Thatswhy they came up with newer variants like Xtremo, Xpressio, Impressio and Make My Day, most of which have enormous appeal among young consumers.

Fogg Deo with Only Perfume liquid.

Fogg is making people conscious about smelling good.The brand is trying to change the category play by breaking the stereotype built around deos. Fogg playing big by extending the brand to Perfumes, Hair Gel, Gift Packs and Releases New Campaign to Position it as a Gifting Item.They also unveiled television advertisement to bring a behavioural change in people’s gifting patterns.

With such Creative moves, Vini Cosmetic already stormed the deodorant markets by its Marketing Strategy, Communication Messages and Products. But the Question is the same strategy will help them to remain a leader in the Future? Nope, We think.

“Kya Chal Raha Hain” campaign was Popular, driving home the point that Fogg was the leading deo in India.

Vini cosmetic has to understand the law of Nature, Nothing is Permanent. Just like they win and the fallen down other major players, some one will come with something new and out you from the Game. The brand should have to lure more target customers and have to extend its reach to Rural Market. Many People claiming that the Fogg is somewhat Pricey Product. so the company have to focus on the small Packaging with Economical range to Expand the Market share.

The Rural Market is Full Of Potentiality. If you succeed to avail your products in the untapped market then it will definitely increase your presence to get more bits from the Hot Cake.The first and Last objective is to create better user experiences by offering to the Consumers. The Value of Such Experience helps the Brand to Achieve a new Mile stone ahead.

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