8 Important Characteristic of Good Brand Name

A Brand Name is the Core thing for Every Company.There are so many things you have to research before choosing any name for your Business. Such Research on A Name gives you the Instant Awareness and Quality in terms of the Business. Every Product should have a good and proper brand name which is matching with its Nature. A brand name may be good or bad. It may promote sales or may cause a decrease in sales volume. We have seen many Miracles of A Good brand name which helps a Business to Create its Distinct image, Increase the Reputation in the Customers Mind. The selection of the good brand name is not easy. However, the following factors should be kept in mind while selecting.

Choose Wisely, A Name Can make or break The Company”

However, the following factors should be kept in mind while selecting a brand name.Professionals agree that these are the top 7 characteristics of a good name:


  • #Short and Easy to Remember

We have so many examples that Customers used to remember such brand by shorting its name for easy to Communicate like “Facebook to FB”. Simple and Easy name have power to that everyone easily grab it. You should have to decide Simple and easy brand name for a product so that it can be understood and pronounced by all customers. Simple doesn’t mean that easy to speak but it should be without complication and oddity.

  • #Simple and Easy to Pronounce

The easier to Speak, its Easiest to Spread. A customer always neglects that words which is confusing them to Speak.A brand name should be easily pronounceable. The ideal name for customers to remember, and for you to use to cut through the industry noise.

  • #Unique with Positive Meaning

This is very important Characteristic for a good name, Many companies using this Technique to amaze the Customers like Google’s New “TEZ” App. A Hindi Name which is matching with Work of Application, to amaze New and attractive brand name should be selected for any product. The Name should be Unique in the terms of its Product Category so Customers easily identify the same.It should be attractive so that a large number of customers are attracted. Such brand names should be also memorable.

  • #Matching with The Company Business or Product

A selected name is if matching with its Products then its become double beneficial for Business. It’s nothing but the added advantage for the Business and for the Product also. Every Name associated with Any company is considered as a brand Portfolio so it should be from the same family which easily represent the Personality of the Company. While this is a specific problem with merged companies, everyone’s naming architecture needs to be properly managed to maximize your brand power and intellectual property portfolio.

  • #Flexible and Extendable

The Best part of Choosing a Good Names is it must be Expandable to Other Product Category. There are so many Examples in the Market where Companies expanded their Popular name to another Product like Asian Paint Royale, They also launched Bath Fitting Product with the Name of Royale.No One Predict any brands Popularity before its Launching, so Choosing such name is almost good for the Company.

  • #Legally Safe

The Biggest Things every Marketer to Decide the name for a Business is legally safe. We have to Cross check it at different Sources of Trademark Directory to Ensure the Availability of the brand Name. If the selected brand name has been already registered and is being used by any other firm or company.Your lawyers think this should be item one of course. You Must be alert of taking all rights of your Names otherwise it may spoil your Brand Campaign.

  • #Linguistically clean

There are huge Examples where man brands facing such linguistic Problem. There are many words which have a different meaning in the Different Language. We should have to Cross check such Meaning before going Global.  How is it pronounced by a Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese or French native speaker? What does it mean in these languages?



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