List of 25 Best Jewellery Brands in India with Logos

Indian Jewellery designs and style change accordance to different regions. the The Gems and Jewellery sector plays a significant role in the Indian economy.India is deemed to be the hub of the global Jewellery market because of its low costs and availability of high-skilled labour. India is the world’s largest cutting and polishing centre for diamonds.

Creative Logo is quite powerful. Branding a business is a lot like laying the cornerstone of a building. Once it’s in place, the entire marketing foundation and structure is aligned to that original stone. If it’s off, even just a bit, the rest of the building is off, and the misalignment becomes amplified.It’s great for a name and logo to have a special meaning or significance–it’s set up a story that can be used to tell the company message.

The logo is a soul of every Powerful Brand. No one can’t underestimate the importance of a good logo. As the core of your branding, your logo should express the essence of your business’s personality and make a memorable impression. Essential customization into the shapes by playing with colors, sizes, and effects, Gives attraction to your brand.

Jewellery Brands In India with Logos



One of the beautiful jewel houses of India, Amrapali Jewels was established in 1978. It generally deals in designing, producing and distributing fine gemstone Jewelry. The brand is well popular not only in India but also Pakistan and the United Kingdom.



Asmi Diamond Jewelry was introduced in the year 2002 by the Diamond Trading Company. To this day it is one of the finest names in the diamond industry providing consumers cutting edge technology. Asmi Jewelry can also be bought online in many leading e commerce portals making it easy for consumers.



D’damas Jewellery is one of the most prominent names in the jewelry industry owned by the Gitanjali Group. The company was founded by 2003 and deals in jewels of all kinds including expensive diamond accessories.



Diya Diamond Jewelers is one of most celebrated brands in the Indian diamond industry. Diya Jewelers are now available online in many famous e-commerce portals. The company provides a wide array of products to choose from at a nominal price.



Gdivas Jewelers are very popular in the jewelry industry for providing a wide variety of diamond jewelers like pendants, earring, mangal sutra and many more. Jewelry is a timeless beauty and that is what Gdivas jewelers represent. All their work of diamond is exquisite.



Gili is one of the most popular names owned by Gitanjali Group responsible for lighting up a billion families with their timeless beauty. Gili diamond jewelry is a fine piece of art which will remain forever. Gili is a well celebrated jewelry brand over many occasions like marriage, diwali, anniversary and many more all over India.



Josco Jewelers is a well celebrated jewelry brand in Southern India having its branches all over. One of the biggest showrooms of Josco Jewelers is in Kerala in the beautiful city of Thrissur having a wide variety of products for all occasions.



Joyalukkas Jewelers was founded in the year 1987 by an Indian businessman named Joy Alukkas. Joy Allukas is a well celebrated brand not only in Kerala but the entire Southern India. To this day Joy Alukkas have 160 jewelry showrooms not only confined to India but across 11 countries.


Kalyan Jewellers

Kalyan Jewelers is one of the most prominent names in the jewelry industry in India. The company was founded in 1993 by a Indian Businessman named T.S. Kalyanaraman. Kalyan Jewelers headquarter is in Thrissur, a beautiful city in Kerala.



Kashivi Jewels Private Limited was incorporated in 2009. It is a private company having its businesses in Delhi state capital of Delhi. Kashvi Jewelry is very popular in the Indian families during occasions like marriages, anniversary, pujas and many more.



Kian Diamond Jewelry is a diamond jewelry retail brand of Sheetal Group. It is a well celebrated jewelry brand in the state capital of Delhi. Kiah Jewels are fine cut diamond pieces which are a timeless beauty. To this day it has a lot of branches all over Delhi and also available online on major e commerce portals.



Malabar Gold and Diamonds was founded in the year 1993 by M. P. Ahammed. It has its headquarter in Kozhikode, a beautiful city in the state of Kerala. It is present not only in India but across 10 countries in the globe having more than 250 showrooms.



Moira Fine jewelry was founded in the year 1970. Moira fine jewelry is one of the most eminent jewelry brands providing rarest and finest antiques. To this day it has a wide variety of products like necklace, diamond accessories, chandeliers and many more.



Nakshatra is one of the most celebrated diamond jewelry brands in India. It was founded in the year 2000 with the main objective of providing its valued consumers with the finest designed diamond accessories. Nakshatra has a lot of brand outlets all over India.



Nirvana Jewels was established by siblings Arshita and Tushar Sharma. The company is an exclusive B2B Jewelry brand providing its consumers timeless beauty in diamond. The company operates from Delhi, the state capital of India. All exclusive diamond products can be found in leading e commerce portals in India.



Orra Jewelry Is one of the most celebrated jewelry brands in India. To this day it deals not only in gold but also diamond and platinum. Orra Jewelry is a well celebrated online entity as consumers get a wide variety of products at the comfort of their home.



Parineeta Jewelry is a well celebrated jewelry brand in India. Endorsed by well acknowledged celebrities the brand has been able to make a huge impression in the minds of consumers. All jewels are designed very artistically giving importance to every bit.


P. C. Chandra Jewelers

P. C. Chandra Jewelers is one of the finest diamond jewelry brands in India. P.C. Chandra jewelers have certified diamonds with the finest quality to last forever. The company has many outlets all over the country and is now also widely available in all major ecommerce portals in India.



PC Jewelers was founded in 2005 and has its headquarter in Delhi the state capital of India. The key person to establish and expand PC Jewelers is Mr. Balram Garg. He is also the Managing Director of PC Jewelers. The company deals in manufacturing, export, wholesale of gold and diamond jewelry in the country.



Rivaah is a brand name which comes under Tanishq headed by Tata. Rivaah is a well celebrated brand in India responsible to bring a smile in Indian weddings with their fine certified gold and diamond jewelry.



Sangini Diamond Jewelry was introduced in India by the Diamond Trading Committee and later on handed over to the Gitanjali Gems Ltd. Sangini Jewels produce exquisite diamond jewelry for beloved showing the expression of love and affection.



Senco Gold is a well known brand in India dealing in gold and diamond jewelry. The company was incorporated in the year 1994 in Kolkata and is now headed by Shannkar Sen who is the Chairman and Managing Director of the company.



Sia is fashion art jewelry giving a timeless piece of beauty to its consumers. It is very popular in weddings around India as their fashion art appeals to the situations. Sia Jewelry is a prominent name in India being widely available all over in leading ecommerce portals in India.



Tanishq is a division of the Titan Company which was founded in 1994. Tanishq is one of the most eminent names in the jewelry industry not only in India but throughout the globe. The company has its headquarter in Bangalore which is the capital of Karnataka. Tanishq is widely available in India having many outlets all over and also maintaining presence in all leading e commerce portals.



TBZ stands for Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri which is a well acclaimed Indian jewelry brand. The company was founded in 1864 and has prominent locations in almost 37 parts of the country. The founder of the company is Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri. TBZ jewellers are available in various outlets and also all leading e-commerce portals in India.

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