19 Best Ice Cream Brands in India With Logos

India’s current ice-cream market is worth Rs 3,000 cr, including the unorganized sector.he ice-cream market is evolving with new and unusual flavours, textures and fusions, while a growing consumer base, product acceptability, and stiff competition.Ice-cream is typically regarded as a seasonal product, with demand peaking during the summer months.Growth of the industry can be attributed to large investments in advertising and infrastructure development, diversification, and widening of the product portfolio.

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Ice Cream Brands in India With Logos 


Amul is one of the most prominent names in the ice cream industry in India. Amul was founded in the year 1946 by Tribhuvandas Patel and Verghese Kurlen. Amul is a cooperative brand which is managed by a cooperative body named the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd.



Arun Ice creams is one of the most popular brands providing high quality ice cream throughout the country. The company was founded in the year 1970 by R. G. Chandramogan. The Headquarters of the company is in Chennai. Arun ice cream has been a popular name in the Southern part of the country and to this day has been able to establish itself throughout the country.


Baskin Robbins

One of the best companies, Baskin Robbins is known in the entire globe for its amazing quality of ice-cream. The company has its headquarter in Massachusetts in the country of the United States of America.



Creambell ice cream has been in the Indian market for a very long time and has been able to establish its network throughout the country. Creambell was established in the year2003 by the RJ Corporation. The chairman of Creambell ice cream is Ama Poddar and the company has it’s headquarter in New Delhi the state capital of India.


Dangee Dums

Dangee Dums established itself in the market by selling cakes at a much lesser price than all its competitors. It is a venture of chocolate business bringing the finest quality all the way from Belgium. Apart from ice cream Dangee Dums produces cakes, pastries, designer cakes, chocolates and other bakery products.



Since the establishment in 1932, it has been ruling the world of ice-cream. The business first took leap in Nagpur as a dairy business which was later expanded into the ice cream sector. The company’s continuous efforts for innovation and dedication gave roots to new flavors with huge market dominance throughout India.


Haagen Dazs

Haagen Dazs is an American based company which was established in the year 1961 by Reuben and Rose Mattus. The company has it’s headquarter in Minnesota a beautiful city in the United States of America. The company generally deals only in ice cream having various flavors and market presence throughout the globe.



Havmor ice cream was founded in the year 1994 by Satish chandra Chona in Karachi. Later the company shifted to India after the Independence making it more prominent throughout India. Havmor to this day has been able to provide its consumers with more than 160 flavors to choose from.



Ideal ice cream was started in 1975 by Prabhakar Kamath in Mangalore which a beautiful city in India. To this day it has been able to establish itself throughout the southern part of India providing quality and a huge variety of ice creams to choose from. The company only deals with ice cream.


Kwality Wall’s

Kwality Wall’s is one of the most renowned brands in the ice cream industry having its presence throughout the globe. The company is owned by Hindustan Unilever and was founded in the year 1956. It has it’s headquarter in Chakala a beautiful place in the city of Mumbai. Kwality Wall’s generally deals in frozen desserts providing consumers with lots of flavors to choose from.


London Dairy

London Dairy is a premium ice cream producer which has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years throughout the globe. The business falls under the Allana Group which is a huge name in the FMCG sector having its presence in more than 30 countries.



Maanza ice cream is a brand of Hooren food Products Company which is based in Gujarat. The company produces a wide variety of ice creams which are rich in flavor and high in quality. Maanza ice cream is now a very prominent ice cream business in the state and is also the market leader.


Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy ice cream is a product of the Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd and was founded in the year 1974. It has it’s headquarter in Noida which is a beautiful city in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The managing Director of the company is Sangram Chaudhary.



Nirula’s started its existence from fast food restaurants in the year 1934 and to this day it has been able to establish itself in producing ice cream and pastry. Nirula’s was founded by the Nirula Brothers and the company has it’s headquarter in Delhi the state capital of India. Nirula’s is a North India based company having wide acceptance in NCR Delhi where the company has more than 70 outlets providing consumers with fast food and high quality ice creams in a variety of flavors.’



Pastonji Ice cream falls under the brand Pastonji Brands and Holdings Pvt. Ltd. The business is run by franchise owners and is a very prominent name in the ice cream industry. The chairman of Pastonji is Suleman Hafizi. The company is able to distribute and franchise having its main office in Mumbai the financial capital of India.



Skei ice cream was founded in the year 1972 providing the very best quality products of ice cream with a wide variety of flavors. The company to this day has a wide chain of network which is looked by franchise owners throughout the country. Skei today operates in % states of India with 27 factories delivering smile to every home.


Top n Town

Top n Town ice cream was established in the year 1969 by Late Shri Balchand Kukreja. Top n Town is known for its quality ice cream having a wide range of flavors to bring smile in every individual. The journey of the company to this day has brought huge success all over India making it one of the market leaders.



Vadilal ice cream falls under Vadilal Industries Ltd. which was founded in the year 1907. The company has it’s headquarter in Ahmadabad the capital city of Gujarat. Vadilal Industries Ltd. has a lot of products to be offered to its consumers starting from ice cream to a variety of processed food.



Vimal Ice Cream Company falls under the Vimal Dairy Ltd which is present in Mehsana a place in North of Gujarat. This place is very famous for its buffalo milk which has a sweet taste and also serves for making the best quality ice cream. The company has recently introduced best quality ice creams with a wide range of flavor to choose from.

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