23 Best Sportswear Brands in India with Logos

Puma Sports India remained the leading player in the fragmented sportswear category in 2016 with a retail value share of 4%, followed by Adidas.India’s sportswear market has evolved from a niche segment, which was exclusively aimed at sportspersons, to a burgeoning consumer sector. While performance sportswear is still the biggest part of that market.

Marketing is always a most crucial part of the Business. it’s also helpful to develop Attractive labels and Good packaging for your products. Glass or plastic containers or jars are costly but durable, through this you can differentiate with others.The logo is a soul of every Powerful Brand.

No one can’t underestimate the importance of a good logo. As the core of your branding, your logo should express the essence of your business’s personality and make a memorable impression. Essential customization into the shapes by playing with colors, sizes, and effects, Gives attraction to your brand.

Sportswear Brand in India with Logos 



2GO is an Indian based brand having a huge network all over the country. 2GO is a private company that manufactures apparel like track pants, shorts, t-shirts, and many more. 2GO is a very new company being only 10 years old but has a huge demand all over India.



Adidas is one of the most renowned brands for sportswear and apparel in the world. Adidas is a German-based brand having a huge network of consumers throughout the globe. The company was founded almost 95 years ago having a wide history in the sportswear market.



Admiral is a British based company that manufactures sportswear for football, cricket, cycling, and many more. The brand is almost 106 years old having a close network throughout the globe. Admiral is a private company dealing in sportswear, footwear, and accessories.



Ajile is an Indian based brand having a huge network throughout the globe. Ajile is owned by Pantaloons which is a very renowned clothing house in India. Ajile makes the finest sportswear garments for both men and women.



Asics is a Japanese based brand that manufactures footwear and sports equipment having huge popularity all around the globe. Asics was founded almost 71 years before by Kihachiro Onitsuka and the present Chairman of the company is Kiyomi Wada.

Campus Sutra

Campus Sutra is a very well renowned brand having huge popularity among youngsters for their designs and stylish garment. The company makes t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, shirts, and much more especially focusing on the needs of the current generation.



Columbia is one of the most renowned sportswear brands having a huge network throughout the entire globe. Columbia Sportswear Company is an American based company that was founded almost 82 years ago. The brand produces outerwear, footwear, headgear, and many more sportswear items.



Dida sportswear is one of the most prominent sportswear brands in India. The brand is Indian based headed by Deepak Juneja who is also the Managing Director of the company. The brand produces all kinds of sportswear for both men and women.



Fila is an Italian based sportswear company having a wide network throughout the entire globe. Fila products are more favorable to many as their products are available at a nominal price as compared to other well-recognized sportswear.  Fila were later on taken by a South Korean company named Fila Holding Corporation in the year 2007.



HRX is a well-appreciated brand in India which is led by Hrithik Roshan one of the most popular celebrity in Indian cinema. HRX is an Indian based sportswear brand manufacturing sportswear products which include tracks, shorts, jackets, shoes, and many more.


Kappa is a well-renowned sportswear brand having a huge network throughout the globe. Kappa is an Italian based brand dealing majorly in all kinds of sports equipments worldwide. The brand is very popular among youngsters all around the globe for their trendy sportswear and shoes.



Lotto is well renowned for its high-quality sportswear helping athletes perform to their maximum. Lotto is an Italian based brand dealing mainly in sportswear and sports goods worldwide. The company was founded in 1973 almost 47 years from now.



Nike is one of the most world-renowned brands when it comes to sportswear manufacturing and designing the best for athletes all around the globe. Nike is an American brand having a footprint in the sportswear market for more than 55 years.



Nivia is a well-renowned name in the sportswear segment making fine quality sportswear garments and goods. It is an Indian based brand headed by Nihal Chand Kharbanda who is also the founder of the brand. Nivia is a private company and the biggest sports equipments company in India.


Planet Sports

Planet Sports is a German-based brand having a huge network throughout the entire globe. Planet Sports have their outlets in all major parts of the globe supplying consumers with the best sportswear items. The CEO of the brand is Marc Oliver Sommer.

Pretty Secrets

Pretty Secrets is a very renowned brand for ladies garments which include bra, panties, nightwear, and shapewear. The brand is very popular among women for its high-quality garment materials that last long and at the same time are trendy and stylish.



Proline is an Indian based brand having a huge popularity in the sportswear segment. Proline was founded in the year 1983 which now is India’s leading manufacturer of sportswear for both males and females. The company was founded by two great minds named Rajesh Batra and Rajiv Batra.



Puma is the world’s most renowned sportswear brand having market like no other sportswear brand in the world. Puma is a German-based brand that was founded almost 72 years ago being able to establish itself today as a market leader in sportswear and all sports pieces of equipment.



Reebok needs no introduction as it is renowned for its high-quality sports pieces of equipment and sportswear designed and manufactured for both male and female. Reebok is an American based brand making the finest sports pieces of equipment that have high demand all around the globe.


Shiv Naresh

Shiv Naresh is a very popular Indian brand manufacturing sportswear and sports equipments all over the country. Shiv Naresh was established in the year 1987 shaping the future of Indian athletes since then. Shiv Naresh produces top quality goods best suited for athletes all around the country.


Under Armour

Under Armour is American based brand designing and manufacturing the most exquisite footwear, sports, and casual apparels. The brand is quite new compared to other established brands being only 24 years old. The company has it’s headquartered in Maryland a beautiful place in the United States of America.



Vector is an Indian brand having huge popularity in the Indian market for their unmatched quality of sportswear and sports equipments. Vector is well renowned all around the country and recently been able to establish its market in other countries also.


Yep Me

Yep me is an Indian brand having a huge market all around the country. Yep me has fine quality sportswear and casual wear which include tracks, shorts, shirts, footwear, and many more. Yep me products can be easily found in all the leading e-commerce websites. 

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