18 Best Cheese Brands in India with Logos

India is the world’s largest producer of milk.Cheesemakers have enthusiastically embraced Make in India, and same way Government Pushing the same.Over the last few years, This sector is a witness of a huge Change of mind set though Cheese business, such things replace the processed cheeses at the top of our minds, and in specialty stores and restaurants across urban India, with hand-crafted Cheddars, mozzarellas, Gruyères, Bries and feats, all made locally.

Multinational and Indian corporate giants have jumped into the market. Start-ups have cropped up. Fund raising is taking place at Indian Giant Dairy Business.

Marketing is always a most crucial part of the Business. it’s also helpful to develop Attractive labels and Good packaging for your products. Glass or plastic containers or jars are costly but durable, through this you can differentiate with others.The logo is a soul of every Powerful Brand.

No one can’t underestimate the importance of a good logo. As the core of your branding, your logo should express the essence of your business’s personality and make a memorable impression. Essential customization into the shapes by playing with colors, sizes, and effects, Gives attraction to your brand.

Cheese Brands in India with Logos


ABC Farms Pvt. Ltd.

ABC Farms Pvt. Ltd. is one of the main milk producers having a wide reach throughout the country. ABC Farms Pvt. Ltd. produces a wide range of products from milk such as cheese, paneer, yogurt, and many more. 


Acres Wild

Acres Wild is an Indian based cheese manufacturer situated in Coonoor a beautiful place in the Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu. Acres Wild is a family run business producing the finest cheese of various kinds having popularity and high demand all over India.



Amul is the king of dairy products in India having the most liked and unique tastes like no other brands in India. Amul cheese is a big hit among consumers in India for its taste and smell. Amul cheese can be bought from any grocery or departmental stores spread all across the country.



Britannia is one of India’s largest foods Product Company having an existence in the Indian market like no other. Britannia is an Indian based brand that is run and owned under the name Britannia Industries Limited. Britannia cheese is one common food product liked by the whole nation.


Cheese Bazar

Cheese Bazar is one of the main manufacturers and imported cheese in India. It is an Indian brand having a huge market all over the country. Cheese Bazar has a wide variety of cheese to offer its consumers like natural cheese, mozzarella cheese, pizza cheese, and many more.

Dairy Craft

Dairy Craft is a well-renowned cheese manufacturing brand in India having a huge customer base all around the country. It is an Indian based brand having experience for more than 3 decades in the country.


Exito Gourmet

Exito Gourmet is a Chandigarh based brand very famous for dairy-related food products having a huge demand all over the country. Exito Gourmet has a wide range of products to offer to its customers such as sour cream, fresh sour cream, mozzarella cheese, and many more.


Flanders Dairy Products

Flanders Dairy Products is a leading house of dairy products like cheese, paneer, yogurt, and many more having a huge market all over the country. Flanders Dairy products are exclusively made in a state of the art facility giving customers the best and safest products to consume.


Go Cheese

Go cheese is an Indian based brand having a huge demand in Maharashtra. Go cheese has a wide variety of cheese and other dairy products to offer its customers at a very nominal price. Go cheese is very popular for their exclusively made range of processed cheese made from pure cow’s milk.


Kodai Cheese

Kodai Cheese is a very well renowned cheese manufacturer situated in Kodaikanal one of the most beautiful places in the state of Tamil Nadu. Kodai cheese is an exclusive house of the finest cheese made in the country.


Kraft is an American based brand very popular for their processed cheese which is manufactured all over the world. Kraft cheese was introduced almost 71 years before making them one of the most experienced cheesemakers in the world.


Milky Mist

Milky Mist is an Indian based dairy company having a wide collection of dairy products like cheese, yogurt, paneer and many more. Milky Mist is very popular in the country for their best-processed cheese wrapped in a safe package.


Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy is well renowned in the country for making all kinds of dairy products having a huge demand all over the country. Mother Dairy processed cheese is very popular for its taste and smell making it a must in every home and restaurants around the country.


Organic Planet

Organic Planet is a well-renowned cheesemaker and an in house store for the best cheese available in India. Organic Planet is an Indian based dairy product brand that is having an establishment in Bangalore the capital city of Karnataka.


Passion Cheese

Passion Cheese is an in house store providing the best cheese in Delhi. The brand has cheese in all forms and shape readily available for consumers. Consumers can opt to shop at the comfort of their home with the help of online services. 


The Spotted Cow Fromagerie

The Spotted Cow Fromagerie is a leading producer of cheese in India making a wide range of cheese readily available to its customers. It is situated in Mumbai the financial capital of India having a huge customer base all around the city.

The Cheese Collective

The Cheese Collective is one of the most renowned cheese producing brands making cheese from the goat. It is a new brand to the market being established 6 years from now but at this time the brand has revived its image throughout the country.



Vijay is one of the most popular brands and producers of cheese in the country. It is a dairy product company based in India having a huge market base all over the country. Vijay makes processed cheese of all kinds as per the needs of consumers.

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