Top 10 Most Used Emoji on Facebook 2017 |

Which are Emojis being used mostly on the Facebook? and Which Country? Read Here.

Social media has become a life nowadays. After Emojis introduced, it’s become more simple to share your feelings on anything on Facebook. Many of us are familiar with livening up our texts and personal posts through the use of emojis. Whether it’s a smiley face to convey thanks or a bashful face when apologizing, emojis can effectively express emotion without words.Social media is supposed to be fun, engaging, entertaining and a representation of your values. But anyone knows which country using which emojis most. Here is the Data.

Only Facebook has to revealed which emoji are among the most popular in different Countries. CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg specifically shared the top 10 most used emoji characters graphs on Facebook. Which simply shows which is the best emojis and where its begin used most. I think that the research should be broad because countries such as India, Africa, and other Asian countries have also shared their feeling.Don’t worry, Let’s wait for data for rest of Countries from Mark.

The psychological research on the graph shared that concludes that laughing is a genetically programmed behavior that humans use instinctively to bond and demonstrate a level of connectedness with one another. It’s good to see that showing up in our emoji data.

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