Top 10 Best Stationery Companies In India

Top 10 Stationery Companies in India-2017

A countless number of brands are streaming for selling stationery related products, but very rare of them are getting huge customer base like Navneet Publications got.parents always in the side of Education by choosing and purchasing their favorite brands of stationery.

Stationery which is a complete range of All type of writing instruments and paper products which would enhance global standards of educations learning supports. Designed to offer the ultimate writing comfort and style, Every Brand stands tall in delivering the quaint essentials of perfect Learning.Finding the brand you like before trying to narrow it down to the specific line of stationery may make it easier if you’re trying to shop for Unique Taste and Last Long, rather than just price.

Due to frequent Changes in the Education and Learning patterns, it’s direct shifted many customer bases towards the stationary lovers’ industry.There are many MNC companies are trying their luck in the Indian market by launching more products to grab Indian Education Sector. But the respected ones which stand out from the rest will be talked. This article will help you to make better and informed choices with ease, as there are wide choices available in the market that might confuse you which one to go for and which not.

Let’s See Which are the Top 10 Best Stationery Companies in India


➧) Navneet Publications

India’s largest paper stationery brand, Navneet was founded in the year 1959, by Gala Family at Mumbai. Their business is divided into three sections – Stationery, Publication, and Others. Earlier a publication company, Navneet started its stationary business in 1993.

They are manufacturing Non-Paper Stationery like pencils, colors, erasers, rulers, sharpeners, compass boxes and other art materials. They sell their stationery products under the brand name of “Vikas”, “Navneet” and ‘FfUuNn’.

➧) Repro India

In 1984, the Repro India Stationery Company was established to provide integrated print solutions.It began as a small printing press in 1990 has since grown into a comprehensive, international publishing industry services company. with a presence spanning four continents from Asia and Africa to the U.S. and the U.K., Repro has been serving the globe with its pioneering industry solutions for nearly three decades. 

The company has technically forwarded in its printing factories and is now able to provide multiple products like books, e-books and other interactive content to its customers.

➧)  Sundaram Multi Pap Limited

Sundaram was founded in 1985 at Mumbai, as a paper stationery manufacturing company. The company has an array of paper stationery products such as note books, note pads, long books, scrap books, graph books drawing books and all type of office stationery and printing products. 

With a strong equity and loyal consumer base, the brand is well entrenched in the Indian consumer’s mind and synonymous with stationery Company.

➧) ITC Classmates

Launched in 2003, with an array of student notebooks, Classmate currently is INDIA’S NO.1 NOTEBOOK BRAND* and offering a comprehensive stationery portfolio with ball, gel & roller pens and wood-cased & mechanical pencils,geometry boxes and compass kits,erasers, sharpeners and rulers and art stationery products like wax crayons, plastic crayons, sketch pens and oil pastels.

As a partner and friend to children during their most important years, Classmate attempts to create an environment for them to learn and grow in, as they write their own futures, encouraging them to, ‘Likho Apna Kal!’

➧) Kokuyo Camlin Limited

“Camlin”, was started in 1946 as Ink manufacturers and slowly they started producing other print and stationery products.Kokuyo Camlin is a joint venture between Kokuyo, Japan, and Camlin India. They are the leading manufacturer of art materials, fountain pens, marker pens, inks, colors, pencils, oil pastels and other stationery products.

Committed to delivering superior quality to meet the diverse demands of customers across the globe.Establishing a long lasting association with all stakeholders to augment mutual co-operation and a bond of mutual trust.

➧) J K Paper Limited

The largest producer of Branded Papers in the country.The JK Paper Limited Stationery Company is a business unit of the wider JK Organization and has proven itself to be the largest producer of Branded Papers in the country.

This company has a very wide product portfolio like Office papers, Packaging boards, Printing & Writing Papers, Speciality Papers.

➧) TCPL Packaging Limited 

 Established in the year 1990 Kanoria family ventured, TCPL Packaging is one of India’s largest manufacturers of folding cartons, and India’s largest standalone converter of paperboard. TCPL manufactures folding cartons, printed blanks and outers, litho-lamination, plastic cartons, blister packs and shelf-ready packaging. TCPL has also ventured into the flexible packaging industry, with the capability to produce printed cork-tipping paper, laminates, sleeves and wrap-around labels.

The Company manufactures products like Folding cartons, Printed blanks & outers, Shelf ready packaging, Litho Lamination, Plastic cartons and Blister paper. 

➧) Archies Limited

Founder Anil Moolchandani started his business career in a family owned sari shop in Delhi, after graduating from college. His first order, worth Rs. 12 (now US$ 0.25) came from a customer in Lucknow. Archies had become a recognized brand – and a household name. The Archies Gallery chain came next. This first-of-its kind concept-store opened in Kamla Nagar, Delhi

Archies Limited is India’s market leader in the social expression industry with over 60% market share in the organized sector. It has grown from a cards-only company to a complete social expressions company. 

➧) G.M.Pens (Reynolds)

G.m. Pens International Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 10 February 1995.Today they are the most popular brand with manufacturing and marketing more than one million pens a day. They have a vast network of more than 3000 re-distributors and 40 distributors. It ranks in the list of the biggest Indian stationery industries.

RORITO is a complete range of world class writing instruments and stationery products which would enhance global standards of writing. Designed to offer the ultimate writing comfort and style, Rorito stands tall in delivering the quint essentials of perfect writing.

➧) Rabbit Stationery Pvt. Ltd

In 1972, that the organization was established.Rabbit Stationery Pvt. Ltd., take great pride in introducing ourselves to the world as one of the pioneering manufacturers of stationery products in India. In fact, we were the first to manufacture Erasers here.

The Rabbit brand has been nurtured with innovations and revolutionized by the simple utility; products that have undergone the tests of time and are today the most preferred.

This list being made by some basic research done on online.This is for the inspirational Purpose only. We believe that every brand is a best and have the potentiality to reach the top.This brand number place may go up or down as per time.

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