Top 10 Best Chewing Gum Brands In India

A countless number of brands are streaming for selling bubble gums, but very rare of them are getting produced with good ingredients and better gumming flexibility. Chewing gums become helpful for the reason of tastiness and the oral refreshment. Besides this such gums can also be beneficial for our health and oral hygiene. But for getting that benefits from a chewing gum, you have to select the perfect brand of it.


The Chewing Gum’s taste and exquisite flavor you have always desired. No wonder it is the favorite choice of millions of children and Youngsters.Finding the brand you like before trying to narrow it down to the specific line of Chewing Gum may make it easier if you’re trying to shop for Unique Taste and Last Long, rather than just price.

Due to frequent Changes in the Lifestyle and smoking patterns, it’s direct shifted many customer bases towards the chewing gum lovers industry.There are many MNC companies are trying their luck in the Indian market by launching more products like Wrigley’s . But the respected ones which stand out from the rest will be talked. This article will help you to make better and informed choices with ease, as there are wide choices available in the market that might confuse you which one to go for and which not.

Let’s See Which are the Top 10 Best Chewing Gum Brands in India

➧) Boomer


No One compares the Popularity of this brand. Every Child memories are well attached with this brand. That’s why it is one of the most popular bubble gum brands in India.child Fan base has made this brand very popular in the category of the famous gum maker brand Wrigley’s. The brand Commites the best quality product is offered to the consumers. And when it comes to catering the needs of the children, Boomer ensures that only natural colors and flavors are added to it. Its formula has intrigued kids for long.

There are three Reasons which made this brand top in the Chart like Advertising which has a good recall value, Attractive packaging, Wrigley products have a good quality perception and Taste.


➧) Big Babool

Big Babol, the bubble gum with the biggest bubble, was launched in India in 1994 by Perfetti Van Melle. Since then, it has been the favorite gum for kids all over the country, partnering with them in their everyday pursuits and adventures.Big Babol is the first brand coming into mind when bubble gum is considered and is particularly the leading gum brand preference of the kids.

It is available in Fruit, Strawberry, Cola and Watermelon flavors. The communication for Big Babol – Bade Kaam Ki Cheez, asks kids to put the bubble to good use and urges them to be active and imaginative

➧) Center Fresh

It was launched in India in 1994. At the time, India was a market previously unexposed to any innovation in gums, and it was at this juncture that Center Fresh came into the market with an exciting new proposition – mint flavored, liquid filled gum. It was an instant hit!

With a strong equity and loyal consumer base, the brand is well entrenched in the Indian consumer’s mind and synonymous with freshness, liquid filling, and a balanced mint taste.It is seen as a quirky & humorous brand given its iconic advertising campaigns like the ‘report card’ and ‘robber’ TVCs to name a few. All these campaigns highlighted the brand’s positioning of taste thru the iconic ‘Zubaan pe rakhe lagaam’ advertisements

➧) HappyDent

This Happydent brand was launched by the Perfetti Van Melle is a great one. This happy dent white found that it gives a mint like sensation along with some sweetness

If dental care is your purpose of chewing the gums. This the best brand to chew a product daily. This has been communicating with the same marketing message is white the teeth.

➧) Orbit

Orbit is a brand of sugarless chewing gum from the Wrigley Company.Becoming the world’s largest selling brand, Orbit has great revenue and since 1994, it’s still leading the supermarket. As one of the best gum brands, this can give you a fresh and clean mouth, after anything that you have eaten.

Melon Breeze launched as a new flavor of Orbit® White that combines the popularity of fruit flavors and whitening gums with a refreshing blend of melon, pear and kiwi sensations.

➧) Wrigley’s Doublemint

Doublemint is a brand belongs to the chewing gum manufacturer giant that is the Wrigley Company.Doublemint was launched in the U.S. in 1914 and has since become one of the world’s best-selling chewing gums, enjoyed by generations of consumers worldwide.

Doublemint is one of the largest selling gum brands in the world, available in over 140 countries.

➧) Center Fruit

 Center Fruit is one of Perfetti’s flagship brands in the Gums category in India. It was launched in 2005 as India’s first ever liquid-filled, fruit-flavored gum.

Center Fruit enjoys strong consumer equity and is famous for its ‘Kaisi Jeebh Laplapayee’ campaigns. This lip-smacking, rib-tickling gum is so irresistible that once you see a Center Fruit you won’t be able to control your tongue from going laplaplaplaplap!


➧) Trident

Trident is a brand of sugar-free chewing gum. It was introduced by Cadbury in the United Kingdom.Trident Splashing Mint, Splashing Fruit, Wintergreen, Strawberry Twist, Cinnamon, Bubblegum etc are the best flavors categories of Trident chewing gum.
By Launching many advertising campaigns, Cadbury wants to strengthen the position of this brand in its category.


➧) BigRed

The bold cinnamon flavor of Wrigley’s Big Red provides long lasting fresh breath. In fact, Big Red has been the No. 1 selling cinnamon gum since 1987. Recently, the flavor was improved to provide even more long lasting taste

Great Taste for everyone! The Taste for this brand of Chewing gum is Kiss a Little Longer which is just tempting.


➧) GumOn

ITC launched ‘GumOn’ Chewing Gum in September 2014. GumOn’s launch marked the entry of ITC into the category of gums. A Long Lasting Chewing gum, GumOn is available in a refreshing Spearmint Strawberry flavor. ‘GumOn’ is targeted at the Teens and Young Adults offering them a chewing gum which truly delivers on its promise of Long Lasting Flavour.

This list being made by some basic research done on online.This is for the inspirational Purpose only. We believe that every brand is a best and have the potentiality to reach the top.This brand number place may go up or down as per time.

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