Top 10 Best AC Brands in India

Top 10 Best AC Brands in India-2017

A countless number of brands are streaming for selling Air conditioner with unique technologies, but very rare of them are getting attention with good Customer satisfaction and technology up gradation.Air Conditioners (ACs) in India has become a necessity for the middle class and, of course, above. The scorching heat of summer is unbearable and fans and coolers no longer seem to solve the problem. With constant growth in the demands of the middle classes for luxury commodities, air conditioners are finding their way into almost every Indian home. 

Window and Split are the most common models for home or office. Slipt AC with 5 star is most selling and best for energy saving, even though the price is little high. 

Due to frequent Changes in the Lifestyle and temperature changes, it’s direct shifted many customer bases towards the new purchaser of Air conditioner lovers industry.There are many MNC companies are trying their luck in the Indian market by launching more products like Mitsubishi. But the respected ones which stand out from the rest will be talked. This article will help you to make better and informed choices with ease, as there are wide choices available in the market that might confuse you which one to go for and which not.


Let’s See Which are the Top 10 Best Airconditioner Brands in India


➧) Daikin

No One compares the Popularity of this brand as recently grown dramatically.This is a Japanese company which had been functioning from over past hundred years.India.This is a Japanese company which had been functioning from over past hundred years.

These efficient ACs are the ultimate solution to keep the heat wave at bay and you would not have to shed a sweat once you have installed them in your home or office. 

➧) Mitsubishi

Began in India in the mid-1950s, Mitsubishi Electric has grown to become one of the most highly regarded companies in this country.Mitsubishi offers a wide range of innovative and high-quality products for the Indian market. This is a famous company which offers a versatile range of air conditioning solutions, including split and window ACs. 


➧) Voltas

The Indian AC major Voltas is the most favorite AC brand of Indian people. It is offered by an Indian conglomerate – the Tata Group.This Company is known for its production of wide range of products such as inverter, air conditioning and a lot other. They are very efficient and also popular because of its cost effectiveness. 

With a strong equity and loyal consumer base, the brand is well entrenched in the Indian consumer’s mind and synonymous with freshness and economical and durable products.It is seen as a quirky & humorous brand given its iconic advertising campaigns like the ‘Mrs Moorthy’s All weather Ac’. All these campaigns highlighted the brand’s positioning of taste thru the iconic ‘All weather’s AC’ advertisements

➧) Samsung

This South Korean private conglomerate is spreading its wings in India further and further by strengthening its situation in every products.Samsung is now one of the largest companies in the global market and has expanded to various different countries to establish their presence. 

This company is known for its manufacturing the vivid range of products in the electrical field.

➧) O- General

It is a joint venture of Japan’s Fujitsu General and Dubai’s ETA-ASCON STAR formed in 2000.One of the most popular and biggest manufacturers of air conditioners in Middle East and India. The special features of this AC is that it has 3D cooling technology, inverter saving, 4 way air flow direction, CFC free and environmental friendly. 

All the customers who bought O’General air conditioners are happy and positive have positive reviews about the it’s air conditioners.


➧) LG
Another South Korean brand offers a wide range of consumer appliances. High-performance, smart cooling and good service are what sets this brand apart. L.G., Life’s Good has climbed the ladder of success pretty fast and quick, and also efficiently. Their efficient and effective use of technology and equipments has enabled them to produce some of the best household appliances.

Their air conditioners are equipped with various technologies such as jet cooling system, plasma filtration and inverter technology, which has made their AC’s stand out at the global market and brining in huge revenues in the company.


➧) Hitachi

 Hitachi is a multinational engineering and electronics company with its headquarter in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded in 1920. It offers air conditioners that are power saving and has features like auto climate technology, silent cooling features, and anti-bacterial koukin filter. 

They have recently introduced the Daikin Inverter AC, which air conditions your house or office by consuming lesser power, and this has been their weapon to beat any other brand


➧) Blue Star

Founded in 1943, Blue Star is one of the oldest consumer electronics companies based in India with an annual turnover of Rs 2800 crores.Blue Star brand is regarded for its power packed features, low electricity consumption and good after sale services.

The company is not bound in India only it spread all over the world and they have service delivery centers in US, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and India. 


➧) Videocon

This is an Indian company which was founded in 1979 and headquartered in Mumbai.Every Indian is very familiar with the Videocon products as company deliver high quality of consumer electronics like TV, Washing Machine, Microwave, AC and more.

The company works towards enhancing consumers’ quality of lives and offers Smarter way of cooling this summer. Videocon provides air conditioning products and Room air conditioners. 


➧) Carrier

Bills Carrier invented this global company in 1920, which has become one of the most reliable and efficient air conditioner brands in the world. One of the most trusted split AC brands in the country is Carrier, which provides fresh, clean and cool air with its latest technology and at the same time.

This list being made by some basic research done on online.This is for the inspirational Purpose only. We believe that every brand is a best and have the potentiality to reach the top.This brand number place may go up or down as per time.

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