29 Best Sanskrit Taglines of Indian Companies and Institutions

Companies, Institutions with Sanskrit Taglines

Sanskrit is one of the official languages of India and is popularly known as a classical language of the country. It is considered as the mother of all languages.Sanskrit literature is the richest literature in the history of humankind.India is a country where most people belong to the religious where they believe the Sanskrit as a holy language. The language which has very sound ancient treasures were huge books and Veda written. It’s also popular because of phrased which convey the true message in very fewer words.A slogan also called a tagline, the motto is a short phrase or sentence meant to gain attention and get a specific message across quickly. The slogan is an easily-remembered and frequently repeated phrase. 

The following is a list of 29 Companies, institutions that use Sanskrit phrases as their official Taglines in India.

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