Creative TVC Star Sports, Dont Watch Fake, #AsliPanga Dekh HD TVC

Star Sports, Dont Watch Fake, #AsliPanga Dekh HD TVC


Star Sports, Dont Watch Fake, #AsliPanga Dekh HD TVC

Brand:-Star Sports

Tagline: Dont Watch Fake,Asli Panga Dekh


It’s Really Simple Messaged Promo.The video started with a newly married Bengali bride being welcomed by her mother-in-law. As usually she enters the house and pushes the bown of rice with its leg.The mother-in-law seems them that she has already hatched a plan for her ouster by keeping a snake in the wardrobe the newly- couples.  AFter this the Newly Young Bride shows the Real look of Nagin to her Mother-in-law. Nagin is also the TV show of the Color Tv.

At the end, this Promotional Video ends with the main mantra

“Don’t watch fake, asli panga dekh”,


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