Marketing Strategies 5 Reasons Behind Maruti Suzuki Dzire Success

5 Reasons Behind Maruti Suzuki Dzire Success

Five and half months the company has surpassed the 1-lakh sales milestone of its new third-generation Dzire, Its Record Selling in India.


5 Reasons Behind Maruti Suzuki Dzire Success

Five and half months the company has surpassed the 1-lakh sales milestone of its new third-generation Dzire, Its Record Selling in India.

Brand: – Dzire
Company:– Maruti Suzuki 
Slogan: – A New World of Dzire

Maruti Suzuki is the market leader in India and has an amazing brand equity. Many Models of Maruti Suzuki are very popular due to its fuel efficiency, maintenance, and low cost. Maruti Suzuki is known for the service it provides in India. Those Customers who want a Cars with a low Operation and Maintenance Cost choose the Maruti First. Maruti Suzuki has the largest network of dealers and after sales service centers in the country. The Company also adopted very Good promotional strategy is adopted by Maruti Suzuki to transfer its thoughts to the people about its products.i.e. ” Kitna Deti Hai”

As per their Product Strategy in 2008, Maruti Suzuki came up with a unique Car which is called Swift. As its features and looks are very attractive, it’s created a benchmark in Number of Units Sold for the Maruti Suzuki. They expanded Swift brand and created a sub Brand in a sedan ” Swift D’zire”.This sub-brand became the second largest selling brand the company’s portfolio contributing 14% of the domestic sales. So far 1.38 million Dzires were sold.

Strong Brand Value and Loyal Customer Base are big strengths for Maruti Suzuki that’s why it’s roped on the highest selling “Swift Dzire” sedan in India.There are around 15 vehicles in Maruti Product portfolio.

Recently, Maruti Suzuki took the decision to make the Dzire an independent brand and created its own brand philosophy to make a mark on the Customers.The Dzire has once again proved to be a consumer favorite and with every new feature, an improvement on the technology increasing the desirability quotient more.

Redesigned Maruti Dzire is a most loved Sedan car that asks you to say ‘My Family Car.’ There are many features added in the New Dzire sedan, its really overcome your problem in different hectic Traffic conditions in the Indian Road and make your driving Experience smooth.

TVC of Swift Dzire

The New Dzire which has many attractive features like very differently styled, minimalist & Classy loads of chrome. This brand has its Own philosophy which lures the customer and aims to be Everyone’s Big and Family Car. Maruti Suzuki tried to give look like UpMarket or Premium car Feel to Dzire. They Trying to give a Car which reflects the urbanity, which is less ordinary.

Whatever Features being added or the brand Communication Company did. But Can we find the Influencing Factors which luring the Customer to Own its First Car and Its Maruti Suzuki Dzire?

As we can’t segregate the attractive features of the Maruti Suzuki’s Swift Dzire. As it’s not sold in the single USP or One Brand Communication Message. There are many Unique features being attached with this Brand which makes this brand unique from the Others Car brands. The Biggest pluspoint is Practicality. All Car Owners got the good performance, Better Fuel Efficiency, Good After-sales After Service, Classy Look etc what anything else you want.

However, Company did some changes.Wait to know if the new-generation Maruti Suzuki Dzire – that has now dropped the Swift name – still has what it takes to sustain its reign.

Here is the Review of the new Maruti Suzuki.

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