Creative Jingles Lux Lyra -"Anytime Anywhere" Advertisement Jingle

Lux Lyra -“Anytime Anywhere” Advertisement Jingle


Creative Jingles Lux Lyra -"Anytime Anywhere" Advertisement Jingle

Lux Lyra -“Anytime Anywhere” Advertisement Jingle











Brand: Lux Lyra
Industry: Fashion
Slogan: #Leggins for Anytime ..Anywhere
Agency: Yellow beetle Films

Lyra, women wear brand manufacturer by the Ebell Fashion Private Ltd, a Lux group company.All Campaigns launched with such a melodious voice really attract the sense of Women. It gives the instant Connection with products to the Women.Bollywood actress, Parineeti Chopra, has joined the club of celebrity endorsers of Lux Group. Recently Chopra took part and seen in the TVC of Lyra. The Film is very well executed and it creates the influence to women who are self Motivated.

The Brand is a leader and has a very strong position in the Leggings category. The jingle of this campaign is very motivating and inspired every Woman to add leggings into its Fashion Quotient. Home and get the Freedom from rent House. Targeted at those Newcomers who moving from one city to another city’s experiences, the new umbrella communication embodies the emotions of freedom and satisfaction and Safety.

Yellow Beetle Films has been created this campaign, which underlines Lux Groups Company Leadership and Trust in the lounge wear Products.

▘Here is the Television Commerical of Lux Lyra leggings


Listen Lux Lyra’s Full Jingle Here:

Lux Lyra TVC Jingle full Lyrics. 

Lyra Lyra 

Anytime Anywhere

Lyra… Lyra…

Everybody loves to Wear…

Lyra… Lyra..

Anytime …Anywhere

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