Brand News Fanta gets a New Logo and Twisted Packaging |...

Fanta gets a New Logo and Twisted Packaging | Brand Update


Fanta gets a New Logo and Twisted Packaging | Brand Update

Fanta’s new Twisted Packaging

Fanta is Global Soft Drink brand which is owned by the CocoCola Company. Recently, After period of 2 years, Fanta got its new looks as its become more vibrant and Fun. They recently undergone a major branding change with a new visual identity and Unique Twisted Packaging.The branding and packaging are the Core thing for any Products. as its best way to Convince the Customers. Its very old brands, so its re branding should be in such way which continue the legacy. traits and more.

Fanta’s Previous Logo, New Logo with Twisted Packaging

Earlier, The Logo type of Fanta was rounded but the latest one become angular and more catchy and vibrant. Newer Logo means the More Fun  More vibrant in its Own ways.The angular logo with a brighter colour palette, and will appear on shelf in a redesigned twisted bottle gives a product very influencing and attractive,The new-look Fanta will have a spiral bottle and which contains a third less sugar.

Image courtesy:  Fanta/DrinkWorks

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