Top 10 Brands Top 10 Best Packaged Mineral Water Brands in India

Top 10 Best Packaged Mineral Water Brands in India


Top 10 Best Packaged Mineral Water Brands in India

Top 10 Brands Top 10 Best Packaged Mineral Water Brands in India
Pure drinking water is a popular beverage.A compound of Hydrogen and Oxygen is a precious Natural gift which is very essential for the survival of Mankind including animals.Packaged mineral water ensures to replenish your body, earmarks all impurities and infuses in minerals, which tend to be essential for good health.

If Unsafe Tap water is consumed, the body suffers from water born diseases. Due to this, it has become imperative to process and bottle safe potable water for the mankind in prevailing conditions.

The Packaged water have many helpful characteristics which keeping body temperature normal, removing wastage from the body & transporting nutrients from food inside the body, acting as a lubricant.The demand for purified water becomes more during the summer season.

Here are the best Packaged Mineral Water Brands in India.


Parle’s Bisleri, the popular brand that has explored the concept of mineral water and today exists in every household need. Quality is what makes Bisleri the largest brand of mineral water in India.Bisleri has set the benchmark in bottled water industry in India. 
Every single drop of the Bisleri water goes through laborious six step distillation procedure in order to give clean as well as germ-free water to the people.



Owned by the Coco Cola Company, Kinley assures you not only good quality but utter purity in every drop of its mineral water bottle.Kinley which is manufactured under reverse –osmosis process, along with the latest technology of purification safeguard the purity of the product.




Owned by the Pepsico Company, Aquafina is competitive hard and gaining the millions new customer to its shelf. Aquafina was nationally rolled out first in 2000 & ever since then it stands as one of the most preferred & bestselling brands nationwide.The brand has more than 19 manufacturing plants across India, Aquafina is widely available across more than a million outlets.



Owned by United Breweries LTD, Kingfisher has gained massive share in the Packaged water bottle Business.t holds expertise in providing packaged drinking water, which is highly approved for its purity and safe to consume.The brand is renowned for its premium packaged drinking water is prepared by removing undesirable dissolved solids, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from water.


Owned by the Giant FMCG Parle Agro LTD, Bailley Launched in 1993, Bailley has been the symbol of purity & safe drinking water since a long span of time. Bailley is a premium product of Parle Agro Ltd., which stands in high regards of Indian customers.The brand has one of the largest state-of-art its packagings & bottling plants across the country.



Owned by the Rahul Narang Group, QUA is high in minerals and bicarbonates, which are essential to human life.QUA is loaded with minerals that nourish you inside and out.Its claim that 100% natural, 0% chemicals, 100% organic minerals.Bottled at source using French bottling expertise, QUA is compliant with international bottling standards.The main focus of this company is to provide best along with the beautiful designs of the bottles.


Himalayan water

“Himalayan” is a joint venture between Tata Global Beverages and PepsiCo’s Untouched, Unprocessed,Crafted by Nature.Every sip of Himalayan water will be fully accepted by your body and will also enhance its overall functioning.Himalayan is the only natural mineral water brand to enjoy accreditations from renowned institutes across the world including Institut De Fresinius, US FDA and the Health Ministries of Japan & France.


Manikchand Oxyrich

Dhariwal Industries’ Manikchand Oxyrich is the only packaged drinking water in India that is infused with 300% more oxygen. Oxyrich is also one of the few bottled drinking water from India to be ISO 22000:2005 certified and also certified by the World Standard for Food Safety Management System.Manikchand Oxyrich is available in several packages namely 500ml, 200ml, 1L, 2L pet bottles and also in a 20L bottle water dispenser.


Tata Water Plus
This is the 1st nutrient water of India that was introduced by the NourishCo along with a joint project among Pepsi Co and Tata Global Beverages Limited.The brown label on the water bottle is the symbol of Indian tradition which insights that people used copper vessels to store water because of its health benefits that seeks to deliver ‘Healthy Beverages for a Healthier India’.
It’s packaged drinking water is rich in nutrients, such as copper which helps support body functions, and zinc which helps to strengthen the immune system of human body.



Owned by Indian Railways, Rail neer as its name suggest its extensively preferred as a source of safe drinking water at all railway stations. Indian Railways installed 4 Neer bottling plants that produce 6.14 lakhs of packaged bottles per day.
The Indian Railways plans to produce 16 crore water bottles with a turnover of Rs 120 crore.

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