Marketing Master List of FMCG Products with Top Companies |...

Master List of FMCG Products with Top Companies |


Marketing Master List of FMCG Products with Top Companies |

Master List of FMCG Products with Top Companies |

FMCG products list with Top FMCG Companies 

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) or consumer packaged goods (CPG) are products that are sold quickly and have the quickly short shelf life. This sector has a wide collection of the Products in their Umbrella and consumer consumes daily basis.FMCG is the fourth largest sector in the Indian economy and provides employment to around three million people accounting for approximately five percent of the total factory employment in the country. The FMCG industry has been the mainstay of Indian capital and talent markets, producing several multi-bagger stocks like Asian Paints, Unilever India, Marico, Bajaj Consumer, 

The Indian culture, social & lifestyles are changing drastically. The total population is nearly 115 crores and population includes rich, poor, middle class, male, female, located in rural, urban and suburban areas, Increase level of education etc, Increase awareness among rural market, mkaeGrowing awareness, easier access, and changing lifestyles have been the key growth drivers for the consumer market. Food products is the largest consumption category in India, accounting.

 Here is the List of top FMCG companies of India 
    • Patanjali Ayurved Ltd.
    • Parle Agro
    • Asian Paints Ltd
    • Himalaya Healthcare Ltd
    • ITC FMCG
    • Amul
    • Godrej Consumer Products Limited
    • Jyothy Laboratories
    • Guruji Products Limited
    • Dabur India Ltd.
    • Hindustan Unilever Limited 
    • Emami
    • Nirma
    • Zydus Wellness
    • Britannia
    • Pidilite Industries
    • Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting Ltd
    • Marico[8]
    • Future Consumer Enterprises Ltd

 The Recent Business trend suggests that innovation has been a key driver in reviving FMCG growth. As Indian companies are going global, they are focussing more on overseas markets such as the US, the UK, the UAE, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand, Afghanistan, South Africa, and Mauritius either through exports or the establishment of their own foreign subsidiaries

If the monsoon is good, the agricultural economy is expected to grow 4 percent and rural economy will grow little more as there are others parts of the rural economy. I expect the demand growth in rural India for FMCG products 

Above are just a Snippet of the Importance of  FMCG sector in India. There are may young enthusiasm ask us on Comment and on Mail to make the Post which contains the Product list of FMCG products.

Here, is the Master list of the FMCG products for your Inspiration. 

    • Household products
      • Fabric wash, Synthetic Detergents, Laundry soaps & Powders, Dish/utensil cleaners, Abrasive Cleaners,   Floor cleaners, Toilet cleaners,  Bleaches,  Upholstery Cleaners,  Metal polish, Furniture polish,  Shoe Polish, Car Fragrance, Air Fragrance, Mosquito repellent,  Insecticides   
    • Oral Care
      • Toothpaste,   Mouthwash,    Sanitizers
    • Skin Care
      • Fairness Creams, Lotions, Gellies, Shower Gel, Face Serums, Sunskin Cream, Moisturiser, Face wash, Hand Wash , Mahendi ,Shaving Cream , Razor
    • Hair Care
      • Hair Oil, Shampoos, Hair Color, Hair Dye
    • Cosmetics
      • Face Cream, Lipstick , Nail Polish,  Talcum Powder,  Hair Styling Product, Eye shadow,  Mascara,  Eye shadow, Perfume, Deo, Attar
    • Health related
      • Ointment, Balm, Cough syrup, Chyawan prash
    • Dairy Products
      • Milk , Buttermilk, Curd, Frozen Desserts, Yogurt, Cottage cheese, Sour cream, Cheese , Mayonnaise, Milk Powder, Ice milk, Novelties, Sherbets, Sorbets, Frozen yogurt, Bread spread, Cattle Feed, Ghee, Mithai mate, Paneer
    • Bakery Products
      • Cookies, Biscuits, Rusk, Namkeen, Fryms, Baking Powder, Baking soda, Custard powder, Dry yeast, Toffees, Monosodium Glutamate (M.S.G.) , Vanilla Sugar, Stock Cubes ,Sodium Bicorbonate, Starch, 
    • Paper Products
      • Tissues, Diapers, Sanitary pads, Corrugated Boxes, 
    • Confectionery 
      • Chocolates, Candys, Sweets , Sugar Boiled Candy, Lollipop, Vanilla Sugar, Chewing Gum, Cocoa, 
    • Stationery Products
      • Pen, Notebook, Pencil, Boxes, Staples, Color box Etc
    • Foods
      • Oats, Snake Food, Branded flour, Sugar, Spaghetti, Tomato sauce, Tomato paste, Potato Chips, Fruits Jam, Ice Creams, Vegetables, Meat, Fish related Products, Salt, Cooking Oil, Margarine, Turmeric Powder, Chilli Powder, Garam Masala, Popcorn, Noodles, Pizza, Burger, Macaroni, Baby Foods, 
    • Tobacco Products
      • Cigarette, Cigar, Beedi, Gutkha, Panmasala
    • Industrial Products
      • Enamel Paints, Exterior Paints, Waterproofing, Adhesive
    • Beverages
      • Juice, Cold Drink, Tea, Coffee,  Beer, Alcohol, Bottled water, Health beverages, Cold Drinks, Wines
    • Natural Products
      • Processed Fruit, Fruit Cane, Cereals, pulses, Beans, Maize and related Products, Wheat, Rice, Grains, Honey, Grain, Meat, Egg,
    • Others
      • Men and Women’s Inner Wear, Match Box, Incense Stick, 
Still, there are many Products missing in this list. Hope you will help us to make this list more helpful for young marketers.

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