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The cow is just an Animal for All Countries but In India, it is a “Gow Mata”.The Traditional herbal medicines and their preparations have been widely used in India for thousands of years. The pervasive use of complementary medicines raises several concerns. Many of these arise because most complementary medicines are not licensed as medicines, and therefore evidence of quality, efficacy, and safety is not required before marketing.Such Medicines have inherent roots and in ancient Texts.People never questioned about Such products because they have grown up in such environment where all used to listen to the benefit of Traditional herbs from the Childhood like Tulsi, Gomutra etc.

Before medicine became ‘medicine’ we had Ayurveda. Ayur + Veda literally means “science [Veda] of longevity [Ayuhu]”. Our Sages investigated the properties of various substances and understood the properties of certain extracts, herbal remedies, etc. to treat various conditions. 

During Ancient times, the People are solely dependent on such medicine treatment which are made from the natural herbs only.People in the Vedic period were primarily pastoral. They relied on the cows for milk and dung. Cow dung is one of the main fuels in rural India and also served as a fertilizer. Cow dung and cow urine are also thought to be a disinfectant among ancient Indians and used to clean up home. Thus, cow provided the food, fuel, disinfectant, and fertilizer for the Vedic people. 

Why is Cow so sacred for Indian? Why Indians consumers cows-urine for Medicine? Cow Urine is a vitaliser. Indian cow is considered as best among them because of it especially consumers beneficial herbs and her output has most of them undigested but processed for human digestion. o if a rituals or tradition is followed over decades or centuries with simple believe, why to question it? Yes, that’s the irony of modern medical science that in the name of science, pharma companies are sowing seeds of skepticism in modern Indian public. And it is also very true that these pharma companies are well aware of the fact about Indian breed cow.

There is a shloka which describes the benefits of Cow urine:

गव्यं पवित्रं च रसायनं च , पथ्यं च हृदयं बलबुद्धिम |
आयुः प्रदं रक्तविकारहारि, त्रिदोषहृद्रोगविषापहं स्यात ||

(Gavyam pavitram ca rasayanam ca pathyam ca hrdyam balam buddhi syata
Aayuh pradam rakt vikar hari tridosh hridrog vishapaham syata)

Cow urine is a great elixir, proper diet, pleasing to heart, giver of mental and physical strength, enhances longevity. It removes all blood disorders. It balances bile, mucous and airs and is a remover of heart diseases and effect of poison.

Cow urine (Gau mutra) has such properties. A cow’s stomach is a useful bioreactor. We had a whole science of rasaayana, which is centered on extracting the chemical constituents of various naturally found organic substances, whether they come from animals, plants, or even the soil, which were found to have properties of increasing human longevity, or improving human health.

But far more interestingly, in 2009 an organization called Kanpur Gaushala Society (KGS)  created a cold drink called Goloka Pay laced with distilled cow urine (5%)  – Pure Cow-Ka Cola. The report says they sold 500 bottles and doing reasonably well. So my guess is there are at least few hundred people in Kanpur who tried it at least once.

There are many products which are already selling in the Market Which contain some proportion of GauMutra (Cow Urine.) we also aware that due to huge beneficial chemical Constituents, it can be used in many products.In Near Future it would have its own product segment with good market Consumer share.

products made from Cow urine

1) Bathing Soap ( Like Panchgavya Soap -Patanjali)
2) Gaumutra Ark (Distilled Cow Urine)
3) Home Cleaner Like Phenyl ( Like Gonyl of Patanjali)
4) Hand wash ( Antiseptic cleaner)
5) Medicine For Many Disease
6) Incense Stick, Mosquito Coil & Dhoop for Worship
7) Churna For Constipation Problem.
8) Cola for Healthy Drink ( Already launched..Read above paragraph)
9) Hair Oil (Potential)
10) After Shave Oil (Potential)
11) Face pack or  (Potential)

People are gradually becoming aware of the medicinal properties of cow urine and it shows in the way our production has increased. These products have an inherent attachment with our livings, Cultures.Our Grand Mother and Father used to say the benefit of Gau Ark in our daily life. People are used to give space into their daily life.Patanjali manufacturers around 650-700 ayurvedic and herbal products out of which cow urine is used in only five items. It is clearly mentioned in the ingredients list of the products in which cow urine is used. Gonyle, a disinfectant floor cleaner made from cow urine, purifies your house, kills all bacteria and is devoid of any chemicals. 

Market dynamics have evolved, the customer has become more knowledgeable and Natural savvy, to keep pace with the healthy life. Organizations have started to review their brands and started infusing value to create a differentiation through adding Natural herbs.

There are many reasons why such products are making their existence strong into the Indian Consumer and expanding their reach to the global.

Here are some reasons which prove that How Cow Urine is potential to be a natural product which is a remedy for all disease.

〉Patanjali selling more

Patanjali procures close to 10,000 liters of cow urine daily, individual units vary from around 500 liters to 25,000 liters per month.On the occasion of Makar Sankranti, Patanjali Ayurveda published a print advertisement, launching a floor cleaner. The brand campaigned for their herbal product saying, “Stop punishing your hands with chemical based phenyl”.

Many other players going well with New Bunch of Products

Calves and leaves Gujarat-based Company which in business with motives of saving, serving and breeding Indian cows. also deal in health, beauty, home and pooja care products made from Herbs + Panchgavya.ISKON India is also a big processor of cow urine with seven units attached to the gaushalas (cow shelters) it runs across the country. 
-kanpur Gousala Society has very big product chain which is made from the panchgavya.

From Faith to Therapy

Many people publicly claim that he saved from cancer by Cow urine therapy.Drinking cow urine and raw milk, fresh gobar baths – and intense self-discipline, a combination that helped him cure his cancer completely. Cow Urine Therapy provides an Ayurveda, natural alternative care for most of the diseases.Such Therapy has good demand in Consumers who want Natural.Products Made from the Cow Urine are distributing through big players like Future Retails.

Health-conscious & Cultural value Community: 

It’s era of Natural loving people.Nature loving community is growing day by day.Cow urine made products getting huge the benefit of such social change and religious Value. People going with natural and love the products which are organic or Not have a side effect.Through this Organic proposition, they are being attracted to such products which have a natural or ancient connection.

Word-of-mouth promotion: 

There are huge numbers of Gaushala in India.Gaushala is a shelter for homeless or unwanted cattle.Many Gaushala and same interested Companies already start to make products from the cow urine. Baba Ramdev used to share the benefits of Cow urine during their yog shibir. He also presents such products in between Yoga practices.Such ways of summarizes the pros of Cow urine and its products with included natural herbs creates the amaze in their Followers.Such tricky way he indirectly creating a segment and influences the buyer to buy or think about their products.

So ,we hope this Product line will expand to the New level with new possibility and new innovation.In real means its nothing but a Travel of Cow urine 
Here, is the advertisement of patanajali ‘s Gonyl’s Print Advertisement.

Source: http://www.outlookindia.com/magazine/story/pure-cow-ka-cola/261173
Source: Vediccowproducts.com

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