41 Best Chocolate Brands and their Logos

List of 41 Popular Chocolate Brands available in India.

Everyone loves Chocolate just like me.It’s trending product in the today’s Youngster. This is the symbol of sharing the love, areGifts in college students. Consumer demand for chocolate is on the rise worldwide. Recent research has found that chocolate contains antioxidants and minerals, and can help reduce the risk of heart attacks and cancer.

Cadbury Chocolate is winning the hearts of Indian Consumers.The latest trend that has set its foot in the Indian market is the increasing demand for dark and sugar-free chocolates. People are aware of the benefits of dark chocolate and have developed a taste for it.Changing consumer preferences and lifestyles, eating habits, and their global exposure to international brands have led to higher sales for the Indian chocolate industry, which registered a growth of 15% per annum.

Due to gaining in the Population and rising income of the Middle class , Chocolate industry is crossing the new levels each year. Chocolate Industry is dominated by the two players like Cadbury and Nestle.Both brands have many popular products which are gaining huge attention from their customers like Dairy milk and Gems in Child segment.Amul(GCMMF) and campco are two Indian Company competing very well with this giant players.The Competition is going very strong due to penetration of another MNC from the world. like Hershey’s and Mars.Its ultimate benefit for the Customer in the way of new product launching, Quality products, and Economical products to be launched.

Here, We have collected some famous chocolate brand and their Companies logo for your Inspiration which is available in Indian Market.