38 Best Shampoo Brands and their Logos

38 famous shampoo brands logo Collections.

With growing environmental pollution and changing urban lifestyle, the prevalence of dermatological problems, especially related to hair, is constantly on the rise.Indian loves the shampoo.The Indian hair care market was estimated around Rs. 3,800 Crore. This industry is segmented into smaller categories of shampoos, hair oils, hair serums, hair conditioners, hair colorants and hair gels.

Due to huge awareness of Ayurveda, People are moving from chemical to natural products.The shampoo market in India is categorized according to the benefits they provide. Mostly consisting of three kinds of shampoos cosmetic, herbal and anti-dandruff, Companies are trying to grab maximum portion through different products launching as per matching with needs of their customers.The shampoo market in India has managed to tap users of the various segments according to their requirements and preferences.

The top shampoo brands in India include Patanjali, clear, Sunsilk, Clinic Plus, Dove, and Pantene. The company that leads the shampoo market in India is Hindustan Unilever Limited.

Together these two major players like P&G and Hindustan Unilever are constituted a major part of the Indian shampoo industry. Both these players with their numerous brands dominating the Indian shampoo market are continuously trying to outdo one another by introducing different marketing schemes.There area competing each other by offering differential product launching.

The Target market for shampoos is mainly the upper class, upper middle class, middle class and particularly, housewives and college goers. Companies are also experimenting with sachet promotion to expand presence in the rural markets. This competition is expected to further intensify in near future and the determining factors are consumer connect.

Here is the list of 38 Logos of Famous Shampoo brands which are available in Indian market.

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