35 Famous Bathing Soap Brands and Logos

35 famous Bathing Soap brands logos Collections.

With growing environmental pollution and changing urban lifestyle, the prevalence of dermatological problems, especially related to Fair Skin and Sweat, is constantly on the rise.Indian loves the Bathing Soap.

The Bathing soap industry in India has evolved extensively since the 1960’s, which was then considered a lifestyle product in urb

an India. 

Due to huge awareness of Ayurveda, People are moving from chemical to natural products.The Bathing Soap market in India is categorized according to the benefits they provide.”Fair Skin with Natural herbs”This metamorphosis is a strong driver for growth. More and more companies are entering the Bathing Soap market every day. The existing marketing leaders are forced to maintain their dominance through aggressive promotion, re-branding efforts, and reduction in prices.
The beauty soap industry has a few major producers of which Unilever holds market share .Value-added Bathing soap segment is gaining immense popularity these days, with many companies launching a myriad of variants to tap market share. 

With over seven brands — LUX, LIFEBUOY, HAMAM, REXONA, BREEZE, DOVE and PEARS — has 54.3% share of the overall soap market. HUL is India’s largest Fast Moving
Consumer Goods Company;

Here is the list of 35 Logos of Famous Bathing Soap brands which are available in Indian market.