10 Best Red label Tea TV Advertisement Campaigns

Best Television Advertisement of Brook Bond Red label Tea

In India,A tea sip a must for every Indian because its refresh the mind like no other Beverages did.Tea is mother drink and serves in every home.Indian loves tea more than Coffee.India accounts for almost 30 percent of the global production of tea. Tea is also the only domain where India has been globally prominent in the last one and a half centuries.

Brooke Bond is a Famous brand-name of tea owned by Unilever. Taaza is the name given to a new type of tea introduced by the Brooke Bond tea company. Brooke Bond Red Label is also another popular tea brand from Unilever.Companies have different branding strategies for their different Brands. Through effectively conveying the message ,Brooke bond earn good respect from the Customers of India. It has been comforting the taste buds of millions around the world since 1869. It is a special tea processed from the tea leaves procured from Assam.Let’s see the product variants of red label Tea:

-Red Label
-Red Label Natural Care
-Red Label Dust
-Red Label Special

Red Label is for the housewife who seeks to bring her family together over a cup of tea.Brews togetherness by bringing people together over a tasty cup of tea made with your love and warmth.There are many benefits of the different tea serving methods.Tea helps to increase the immunity in the Body.So its have health concerntrated segment to attract the consumers.Tea when drunk on its own, without milk and sugar, not only tastes great but contains virtually no calories. This means that tea is an excellent accompaniment to a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle.ea is a rich source of flavonoids in the diet.

HUL has become extremely cautious about the Red Label brand, its has very good awareness and a potential to reach a new level in India.so the company has been reconsidering avenues for re-positioning the brand.

This brand has continuously trying to attract their customer by unique advertisement campaigns.The way they convey the message on different Campaigning is really remarkable.Customer listens to their advertisement, love the characters and share their tones(Jingle), toons(Character) and slogan (Tagline).

Here are the some of the Best Campaign of Brooke Bond Red label Tea to inspire you.


1) Brooke Bond red label-Chase 
The TV ad revolves around a Housewife and an Uncle(Shopkeeper).A lady bought the Red label tea and paying money of Red label and leave the Shop.After seen the rupees paid by the a lady,The Uncle (shopkeeper) chased her and after Reaching at her home,he giving back some money because the red label is now more affordable then earlier.After this drama ,The lady request the Uncle for a sip of tea.The Aim of this Film is all about to Stick on their Positioning strategy i.e. “Taste of Togetherness”The Concept of This TVC ,shows the Loyalty of Customer , price affordability,and Its taste of Familiarity.

2) Brooke Bond red label -Natural Care Tea
This Advertisement is for the promotion of Red label’s Natural care Tea.An Old lady who opens the door when the Bell rang.Young Girl demands for the Ginger who shifted newly close to lady.During this drama ,a Young Girl sharing some benefits of ginger in tea.Then at that time Lady serves the tea made from the red lable which is already contains such Natural herbs.The Aim of this TVC is to Educate the benefits of Natural herbs like ginger ,Muleti in Tea etc to their Customers.The Old Lady character who is a health conscious and endorses the goodness of drinking natural care tea in order to maintain good health.

3) Brooke Bond Red label -A Boy Who Girls like
This advertisement is make to wish the Womens day to all.This TVC starting with a Wonderful Jingle and showing a Small Boy who play making tea with tea toy set and making tea for her sister. This is stereotype in India culture that Only Girls used to make tea.After making tea both laughing and enjoying their accompany. This TVC dared to break the stereotype “He loves to make tea.but that doesn’t make him Girl”.Its Just make a boy who Girls like.The Aim of this Film is all about to Stick on their Positioning strategy i.e. “Taste of Togetherness” and urge to be an #unstereotype.


4) Brooke Bond red Label- Surprise Visit
This campaign is a very Interesting Story,It start with a surprise welcomes of Son’s Parent.While entering into their son’s room .she murmuring that she will bring a good wife for her son.Exactly that time she found a lady standing in front of her.The Boy introduced her that she is my room mate and we are living together.As Indian first serves the tea to their guest,A Girl went to the kitchen and made a Red label tea for all.A Girl win the heart of son’s Mother by serving the natural and sugar free tea.The brand proposition being “Swad Apnepan Ka” or the “Taste of Togetherness”. 

5) Brooke Bond Red label -Swasth Rahe,Mast Rahe -Anupam Kher

Hindustan Unilever has chosen Bollywood veteran Anupam Kher as the new face for the Brooke Bond Red Label TVC.  Anupam Kher, who is a regular drinker of Red Label Tea, has a reputation of being healthy and Red Label felt he was the ideal choice to star in the TV commercial. Anupan Kher is seen exercising with dumbbells as he believes that good health can be achieved solely by working out. Anupam Kher is playing the character of a health conscious grandfather who endorses the goodness of drinking tea in order to maintain god health.


6)Brooke Bond Red label -Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha
This campaign has a two brand ambassador one is khiladi Mr akshay kumar and second one is Dabang Girl,Sonkshi Sinha. This campaign is to convince the Sonakshi that red label is not only Tasty but healthy also. Akshay tries to convince her that the Red Label tea is also healthy apart from being tasty. Sonakshi believes the tea to be tasty but is not convinced that so much tea is also good for health.Featuring the fan entries on the page and enabling them to be ‘liked’ or ‘shared’ could have made it even popular.The Aim of this Film is all about to Stick on their Positioning strategy i.e. “Healthiness” .



7) Brooke Bond Red label-Forgotten

This is story of Nutan Aunty whose Chai is famous in her Society.Very much inspirational. The film opens with a man walking into a house. An elderly woman is seated at her dining table. As the man walks in he reminisces about the time when all the members of the colony would visit the lady to drink a cup of tea made by her.Amidst all drama,he states that forgetting loved ones is the ‘biggest sickness’. The lady enjoys the tea, and asks the man if he’d like to share one more cup of tea with her. The film ends with the voice over introducing Brooke Bond Red Label Tea as the ‘Taste of Togetherness’.

8)Brook Bond Red label- Mummy Birthday
This campaign is covering a special Birthday of Kid’s Mother’s Birthday.On Birthday of Their Mother ,Both kid found that there is no Tea in their house.Both kids took the 10 rs from their Grandma and bring a Red label packet.They both made a tea and served to their mother surprisingly.The Aim of this Campaign is affordability and their Positioning strategy i.e. “Taste of Togetherness” .


9) Brooke Bond Red label -Neighborhood
Tea has been a welcome drink in many cultures the world over.when it portrayed a reluctant Hindu family turning into good friends with their Muslim neighbor, over a few cups of Red Label tea. The ad was both appreciated for its subtle preaching on the religious divide in the country as well as slammed for showcasing Hindus as intolerant and unwelcoming towards Muslims.The brand proposition being “Swad Apnepan Ka” or the “Taste of Togetherness”.

10) Brooke Bond Red label- Nature Care 
Brooke Bond Red Label Natural Care with natural ingredients like Ginger, Ashwagandha & Tulsi. Consumption of Natural Care has been clinically proven to enhance immunity. People who drink Natural Care fall ill less often than others.This Tvc ends with the Slogan “Pyaar ka Pyala,sehat wala”.The Aim of this Film is all about to Stick on their Positioning strategy i.e. “Healthiness from the natural tea” .


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