10 Best Idea Cellular TV Advertisement Campaigns

IDEA Cellular is India’s 3rd largest national mobile operator, with over 115 million subscribers. With traffic in excess of a billion minutes a day, Idea ranks among the Top 10 country operators in the world.This brand has continuously trying to attract their customer by unique advertisement campaigns.The way they convey the message on different Campaigning is really remarkable.Customer listens to their advertisement, love the characters and share their tones(Jingle), toons(Character) and slogan (Tagline).

Here are the some of the Best TVC Campaigns of Idea Cellular to inspire you.


1) Idea -Abhishek Bachchan as a Sarpanch TVC –
Abhishek Bachchan features in a brilliant ad from Idea cellular as the ultimate sarpanch. Unique concept and very balanced film, with Abhishek adding the special touch to make the film perfect.The concept though controversial beautifully tries to bring sense into the society and Jr AB blends in well without stealing the show from the brand and the concept.

2) Idea -Delhi Nahi Rukegi Campaign
This campaign had covered the big wedding season of loving Delhi.It shows that with the help of idea Delhi will not stop.With this new campaign #DelhiNahiRukegi, Idea Cellular has announced the commercial launch of its superior 3G network in Delhi NCR, A high-decibel marketing campaign #DelhiNahiRukegi which began to gaining eyeballs in the metro.

3) Idea Internet Network –IIN Campaign
Systems being made to make education easy.And education helps to win over any odds.Most of these success stories are coming against all odds. There are many obstacle are come across like lack of funds, time or even education isn’t dampening the spirits. They always find out a way to navigate through their problems and reach their destination. This campaign brings forth such stories of achievement which were made possible through IIN.This campaign.



4) No Ullu Banaving -Campaign
This campaign has a very Interesting Jingle,It is a known that people get cheated easily in India – while traveling or even in their own city or town. Most people talk more than their actions. Idea feels that with the help of mobile internet it is now easy to catch such frauds.The TVC opens with a tour guide telling a group of tourists how a certain monument had been made by the same artisans who made the famous Taj Mahal.She searches on the Internet and alerts him that he is conveying wrong.


5) Idea Oongli Cricket -Campaign

If you thought playing cricket was restricted to the field, think again. With Idea Oongli Cricket bringing in a fresh new twist to the Game of Cricket, this season, the game is now being played just about anywhere. So, no more of neighbors complaining, lectures being bunked, and vases in the house cracking – Idea Oongli Cricket has changed all that – as the nation is now hooked to this unique Game of Cricket being played at fingertips.



6) Idea -Education for all -Campaign
This campaign with a spotlight on “education for all” has attracted many eyeballs. It is one of my favorite advertisements.In the campaign, Abhishek Bachchan has played the Head of an educational institution – a priest and the principal of the school. When challenged by the traditional, physically bound classroom methodology that prevents reaching out to many who are in need of education, he uses mobile telephony to overcome the barrier.



7) Idea- Language Barrier TVC

Idea’s award-winning brand campaign ‘Break the Language Barrier’, highlighted the effective usage of mobile telephony services to overcome language barriers that exist in the Indian multi-lingual society. The new Idea campaign offers a Champion idea to address this concern of our society, through the power of mobile telephony.Almost every Indian has gone through a situation where one has struggled to communicate with another fellow Indian just because of language.

8) Idea-Save Tree Campaign
Idea’s trademark ‘Sirji’ campaign shows Abhishek Bachchan’s image on a tree, advocating the use of mobiles and saving paper to ‘save the planet’.The ad opens with Bachchan’s voiceover talking of how minimal usage of paper would help save trees.the mobile service provider has chosen to speak about saving trees by minimizing paper wastage.

9) Idea – Exchange Telephone Campaign Tvc
Idea has tried to emotionally connect with increasing cellular services subscribers in India with its “Telephone Exchange” ad. Eyes getting moist with Idea’s current commercial campaign. It’s all about how we take our relationships for granted as we are too busy in our own life and this Idea commercial evokes the need to acknowledge and appreciate our parents.The commercial ends on a happy note  saying “Ek dusre ko samajhne ke liye telephone exchange”

10) Idea – Hunny Bunny campaign Tvc
This advertisement’s jingle gone viral.This advertisement from Idea, depicts the diversity, footprint, and seamlessness of our country, and how Idea’s customers benefit from its pan-India network.The new TVC shows Indians from around the country, with varied cultural backgrounds, connecting as one big happy family of over 120 billion people, all of whom are seen humming one song – ‘Honey Bunny’ – albeit with a regional flavour! The campaign is aimed at highlighting the strength of Idea’s pan-India coverage which helps people of this huge Indian family stay connected with their Honey Bunny’s wherever they go

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