Creative Jingles Mahindra - Live Young Live Free Jingle

Mahindra – Live Young Live Free Jingle


Mahindra – Live Young Live Free Jingle

Creative Jingles Mahindra - Live Young Live Free Jingle
live young live free campaign jingle









Brand : Mahindra
Industry : Automotive
Slogan: #LiveYoungLiveFree
Agency: Interface Communication

Mahindra &Mahindra Ltd (M&M), launched its campaign on their products which covers all model of their vehicle(SUV’s and MUV’s). It celebrates the emotions of freedom and adventure among our SUV owners.Its become very popular television commercial, ‘Live Young, Live Free’ .

The jingle of this campaign is very motivating and inspired us to go on long trip and enjoy the Freedom. Targeted at those who seek varied experiences, the new umbrella communication embodies the emotions of freedom and adventure, and propagates the core value proposition of Mahindra SUVs to enable lifestyle enhancing experiences.

A Brand campaign showcasing all of Mahindra Automotive’s utility vehicles is currently getting clicked and highly shared in good measure on all social media.

Interface Communications has been created the ‘Live young, live free’ campaign, which underlines Mahindra’s leadership in the utility vehicles segment

▘Here is the Television Commerical of :Live young and Live Free ” Campaign


Listen its Full Anthem Here :

Mahindra -Live Young Live Free Ad song full Lyrics . 

We live young, we live free! We are the living! We are the living!
I wanna go where the road is rough, too much adventure is never enough.
To find a place where nobody’s been before,
I keep exploring, that’s what I live for!
We live young, we live free! We are the living!
We live young, we live free! We are the living!
I wanna drive for miles and miles.
I get my kicks when it gets wild.
We live young, we live free! We are the living! YEAH!

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