Creative TVC Fortune -Mustard Oil -Swara Bhaskar-TVC

Fortune -Mustard Oil -Swara Bhaskar-TVC


Fortune -Mustard Oil -Swara Bhaskar-TVC

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Product:- Edible Oil
Company : Adani Wilmar ltd.
Agency :- Bloom Mediaworks

Fortune is India’s No.1 cooking oil brand. Brand Fortune has evolved over the years. It has reached a stage in its journey where it no longer stands just for functional and qualitative superiority.Fortune Kachhi Ghani Mustard Oil is out with their campaign in market with a piece of communication centred around its message ‘100% pure and unadulterated,’ adapted to align with the product which claims to make the election issues should be without any mixing of any bad motives.

This advertisement just aired on Television which is Produced by Bloom Media Works,Well executed and launched on perfect time of many state election.This ads is begins with the political party and their members eating lunch on dining table discussing about the party fund.During this conversation ,Swara offer him a “Bhindi” and saying that why this is good because she made by herself and in 100% pure and unadulterated oil.She tell them just like “Bhindi” we will go with our electoral issues without any unadulterated.


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