List of 15 Best Indian Pharma Companies with Logos


Indian pharma market is very big.There are huge pharma players into the market.Its third largest Market interns of Volume. India is the largest provider of generic drugs globally with the Indian generics accounting for 20 percent of global exports in terms of volume. consolidation has become an important characteristic of the Indian pharmaceutical market as the industry is highly fragmented.

The government started to encourage the growth of drug manufacturing by Indian companies.India enjoys an important position in the global pharmaceuticals sector. The country also has a large pool of scientists and engineers who have the potential to steer the industry ahead to an even higher level. Presently over 80 percent of the antiretroviral drugs used globally to combat AIDS are supplied by Indian pharmaceutical firms.
A pharmaceutical company’s brand success formula was simple: discover a drug that was needed, introduce it to the doctor via a sales rep, and watch the prescriptions get filled. As more and more pharmaceutical companies start realizing the importance and the power of brands. So how do companies brand their products to stay ahead of the competition? To start with a good name is important. In fact, a great name is very important! 
We like many pharmaceutical companies logos because of the simplicity, striking icon of the Medicine and the simple font used. The logo which was crafted which shows the ultimate legacy of the particular Companies. Mascot gives the company a very soft and friendly look and feel. This is very important in the pharmaceutical field since companies are perceived to be quite stuffy and impersonal.

15 Famous Pharmaceutical Companies of India’s logos for your Inspiration

Abott Company Logo

abott company logo

Alembic Pharma Logo

alembic pharma company logo

Arobindo Pharma Logo

aurobindo pharma company logo

Aventis Pharma Logo 

aventis pharma company logo

Biocon Company Logo

biocon pharma company logo

Cadila Pharmaceutical Company Logo

cadila pharma company logo

Cipla Company Logo

cipla company logo

Divis Lab Company Logo

divis lab company logo

Dr.reddy’s Company Logo

dr reddy's company logo

Glenmark Pharma Company Logo

glenmark pharma company logo
Glaxosmithkline Company Logo
glaxosmithkline company logo
Lupin Pharmaceutical Company Logo
lupin pharma company logo

Pfizer Company Logo

pfizer company logo

Sun Pharmaceutical Company Logo

sun pharma company logo

Torrent Pharma Company Logo

torrent pharma company logo

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