Top 10 Best Noodle Brands in India

Noodles is an Instant Foods that can be made by Easy efforts in Our Home Kitchen.The Popularity of this foods is going day by day among the Children because of good taste, easy making, Etc.When it was launched as a Snack in Indian Market ,then no one predicted this food will take place into food dishes with a level of such growth.Its being consumed by every Indian Household. Owing to the fast-paced lives today, packaged and ready-to-eat foods are gaining quite a formidable share in the Indian food market.

It’s positioned as a quick snack option for children, found good acceptance with both the children and their mothers as well. Having built and nurtured the category’s evolution,the brand name “Maggi” almost became a synonym for the instant noodles category itself. Maggi has created its own place and replaced the product name with “Maggi” .We can check that there are still many peoples are used t speak Maggi to any noodles brand. Thats the power of marketing, which is gained through proper execution of marketing activity.

As per Segment Market, This category’s going very strong, will achieve new growth. This segment is continuously expanding with new taste and choices and being accepted by the consumers.The instant noodles Growh rate is 15% is estimated at ~INR 2200 crore and its growth.

 Why it’s become so popular? Which reason drives this segment to be a favorite instant Food?

We can say that the change in consumers’ preferences and eating habits,and their wider global exposure, along with an increasingly younger population In India. the growth in the middle class also pay a major role in every segments growth. Increasing into the Working Couple and nuclear family also impact its sales because it is convenient and easy to prepare.

Different players are trying to achieve maximum share from this segment.They luring their consumer by the way of its taste, way of Quantity, a way of healthiness etc.To kindle the consumer’s interest in the category and also cater to the diverse and changing tastes of the consumer, instant noodles brands constantly enhance their product offerings by adding new flavors. Many Brands have already introduced packs in different sizes, right from single noodle packs of 50-75 gm. to value eight noodle packs.


Here are the best Noodles brands in India.


best noodles brandsWe can say that this is king brand of this Segment. Maggi is hot favorite among all the children in the country; noodles have come a long way since their introduction in 1983. Consumed in almost every Indian household , Maggi, which was initially considered as a snack, had taken the place of a staple diet in many Indian homes. This brands has faced many controversies like fail in food safety But after so much banned it returned and covered all its market share instantly.


best noodles brands
Second Noodle brand in India is Sunfeast Yippee!, which belongs to the Indian conglomerate ITC. Yippee made its way into the Indian market in 2000s and gradually made a considerable presence and win hearts of consumers. During the Maggi banned, Yippee! had started giving market leader Maggi some sort of competition and crossed the market share of Maggi.

Top Ramen

 best noodles brands
 This product is marketed and Manufactured by the Nissin India.Top Ramen,  is another leading noodle brand in India. Nissin is a Japanese company that introduced its first noodle product in 1958 but entered the Indian market  in 1988. It took a while for Top Ramen to become one of the leading noodle brands in India. Nissin India launched many variants of their Noodles products.

Ching’s Secret

best noodles brands

Ching’s Secret is a product of Capital Food Indian Limited. Another brand of noodles in India produced by Capital Food India Limited is Smith & Jones. But Ching’s Secret is the more popular one and is giving stiff competition to the top noodle brands in India. Ching’s Secret offers a vast range of products to its customers that include Schezwan Instant Noodles, Singapore Curry Instant Noodles, Hot Garlic Instant Noodles, Egg Hakka Noodles and Veg Hakka Noodles.


Knorr Soupy Noodles

best noodles brands

Knorr Soupy Noodles is a product of Hindustan Unilever and has turned out to be a popular brand in India of late. Knorr is famous for its unique range of soups in India and is the leading brand for the same but has earned accolades for its unique combination of noodles and soup, that is, Knorr Soupy Noodles. Knorr noodles range consists of Mast Masala Soupy Noodles, Knorr Chinese Noodle Hot Spicy, Knorr Chinese Noodle Schezwan, Chinese Noodles and Fried Rice.

Patanjali Noodles

best noodles brands

The FMCG venture led by the Yog guru baba ramdev introduces Desi noodles to take on Maggi Noodles.and through this luanch of this product the Market become more competitive.The maggi which owns the highest Market share but  this such products making thi segment more tough.Many players have make their existence more significance through new taste and choices.As per our research,Patanjali will gain more share because of powerful distributino system and its association with desi and Healthy Noodles.

Horlicks Foodles

 best noodles brands
Horlicks kick-off the Foodles offerings in two healthy variants: Regular and 4 Grain. Both variants come with a trademarked Healthmaker sachet which has 9 Power Vitamins. Besides, the 4 Grain variant is made with nutritious grains like Rice, Ragi, Wheat and Corn. As a sub-variant, each of the two varieties comes in three different flavours.

Nissin Scoopies

best noodles brands

This is the second brand belongs to Nissin India who is manufactured and marketed the Noodles in India.In 1958, Nissin introduced “Chicken Ramen”, the first instant ramen. Ironically, it was considered a luxury item, since Japanese grocery stores sold fresh Japanese noodles (udon) at one-sixth the cost of Mr. Ando’s new food concept.Nissin Foods began introduction of a long list of successful and innovative ramen products.


Wai Wai Noodles

best noodles brands

Chaudhary Group chairman Binod Chaudhary, known for creating Wai Wai noodles.There are going set up a noodle stand well in India.This product we can say that this Nepal’s best kept secret in Noodles.This Segment have good opportunity and wai wai wil capture by doing more marketng activity. Wai Wai and CG Group are growing too fast in too many directions. Its have good market share in Tamilnadu same as Maggi.


Joymee Instant Noodles

best noodle brands

 Inbisco India, a subsidiary of Indonesian food products company Inbisco, has entered this segment of instant noodles market in India. Joymee Noodles is the products of Inbisco. Inbisco now makes about 300 tons of noodles a month and 600 tonnes of candies a month at its Hyderabad plant .They are going to expand their business to pan India by setting up new plants in the different areas.

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