Top 10 Best Tea Brands in India

In India, A tea sips a must for every Indian because it relaxes the human mind like no other did.Whatever the reason but the Indian loves the Tea.They put this drink into their favorite category.Literally, Morning is incomplete without a strong, and eye-opening.There are many variations of the Indian tea, Like in Foreign people used to drink the black tea without milk.But in India, People enjoying tea with the mixing milk.

Many Health conscious people taking tea with the many Ayurvedic herbs.Biscuit and bread are the best companions of the Tea.

Tea is really a giant market product.Billions of brands are ruling on the market of India.Some are nationalized and International brands also have strong existence in the Indian market.The tea industry handsomely contributes to the Gross National Product.

Let’s First Check Some Interesting Facts of Tea Industry In India.

  • Indian tea market turnover is Rs 10,000 Cr
  • India stands at 2nd in the world in tea production
  • India has been producing tea for the last 150 years
  • Assam – A small State produces more than 50 percent of India’s tea alone
  • Assam also produces‘s 16 percent of the world’s total tea. 
  • Leading Tea Producer state in India


  • Tata Tea is the Most trusted brand in India, One of the three Household using Tata tea or its Variants.


Here are the best Tea brands in India.

TATA Tea Without any doubt any Indian can say that the Tata tea is the popular brand in Indian household. Tata Tea is owned by the giant Tata Group. Tata Group’s tea brands  which is a product of World’s Second largest Tea Manufacturer.This is the surprising truth that 1 in 3 household in India uses Tata tea or its variants. Tata Tea comes into the following varints.Tata tea ‘s “Jaago re” campaign is really interesting.They raise the social issue in this campaign.Following are the various categories of products on offer in addition to Tata Tea: 

  • Tata Tea Gold, 
  • Tata Tea Premium,
  • Tata Tea Agni, 
  • Tata Tea Life

Brook Bond Taj Mahal Tea  
This is another popular tea brand of India.Brooke Bond is a product of FMCG Giant Hindustan Unilever Ltd.It was introduced in the year of 1966.It’s on second number into this category.This tea has a unique aromatic fragrance and blend which impress the every customers.Table Maestro Ustaad Zakir Hussain and Saif ali khan are the brand ambassador of this Product.Taj Mahal is special because it is made from the rarest and the best tea leaves.Following are the various categories of products on offer in addition to Brooke bond Taj mahal: 

  • Taj Mahal Classic, 
  • Taj Mahal Gold, 
  • Taj Mahal Nilgiris, 
  • Taj Mahal Darjeeling
  • Taj Mahal Ginger 
  • Taj Mahal Lemon 
  • Taj Mahal Breakfast
  • Taj Mahal Masala 
  • Earl Grey Green Tea 
  • Honey Lemon Green Tea


Wagh Bakri is India’s third largest packaged tea brand.Wagh bakri is the real Gujarati brand, It is the Product of Wagh bakri Tea House and was corporate in 1892 in Ahmedabad.It was started by the Mr Narandas Desai.The Company have manufacturing plant in Dholka Near ahmedabad.
Company have strong market share in North state like delhi,Rajasthan,hariyana ,Middle state like Gujarat,Maharashtra and Madhyapradesh.They also export their products to various countries.This tea is available in CTC, tea bags and green tea.
Following are the various categories of products on offer in addition to Wagh Bakri: 

  • CTC Tea 
  • Pure Darjeeling Tea
  • Wagh Bakri Leaf Tea
  • Green Tea Tulsi, Mint
  •  Ice Tea Premium Tea
  •  Mili 

 Brook Bond Red Label Tea

Another Hul Brand Brooke bond Red label is the on the Fourth Number.It was introduced in the year 1969.This tea is for the affordable price segment.Its for those housewife who seek to bring her family together.Red Label is a 107 year old brand and has tremendous equity and heritage in the Indian market. It is a special tea processed from the tea leaves procured from Assam.  It is the second largest tea brand in the country.It is best selling tea among India’s growing middle class.

Following are the various categories of products on offer in addition to Red Label: 

  • Red Label Special, 
  • Red Label Natural Care,
  • Red Label Dust


Lipton Tea

 Lipton is a very famous brand of Tea in India,Lipton is the international brand which is also on good stage in India.The company was named Thomas J. Lipton Co. at the time of its inception in 1890. currently owned by Hindustan Unilever.Their Yellow Label Tea is known for their authentic taste and is used by millions of Indians. Due to increasing into the health conscious People, the demand of green tea has gone up.

Following are the various categories of products on offer in addition to Lipton tea:
  • Lipton Yellow Label, 
  • Lipton Darjeeling Tea, 
  • Lipton Iced Tea Lemon

Tetley Tea
Tetley is felling pride because its a product of the world’s Second largest maker of tea after unilever.Tetley is wholly owned by the Tata Group. Its manufacturing and distribution business is spread across 40 countries and sells over 60 branded tea bags
Following are the various categories of products on offer in addition to Lipton tea:

  • Tetley Black Tea 
  • Tetley Green Tea 
  • Tetley Flavoured (Masala) Tea 

Society Tea
The Honesty which made this brands a preferable.It is a hasmiukh & co Product incorporated in 1933.Society Tea has made a distinguished image in the country and globally for its exceptional taste and aroma.Society Tea is known for its consistent taste and richness of quality.Society has an innovative advertising campaign and strong distribution network.
Following are the various categories of products on offer in addition to Society tea:

  • Society Regular Tea Leaf
  • Society Tea Premium
  • Society Dust Tea
  • Society Ice Tea
  • Society Tea bags


Marvel, a leading branded organization, It is a tea brand of Marvel Tea Estate (India) Limited, the flagship company of Marvel Group, established in 1994. It has a strong distribution network of more than 3000 distributors across the country.It has a unique brand identity and tea taste which is the key strength of the company. Marvel Tea is Rich in taste, flavor and aroma and is Made for the premium class segment.
Following are the various categories of products on offer in addition to Marvel tea:
  • Marvel Yellow Tea, 
  • Marvel Gold Pattian, 
  • Marvel Red Tea, 
  • Marvel Premium Dust Tea

Pataka Tea

Customers are well aware about this brand beacause of its Television commercial with Urmila Matodkar.Pataka Tea, the flagship unit of the beverages ventures of Pataka Group, was set up in 2000.Pataka Group have business in beverages, food, textiles, tobacco and healthcare.Pataka Tea and the family of beverages to follow are in coherence to maintain the highest standards of inclusive corporate ethics, and commitment to the communities and environment.
Following are the various categories of products on offer in addition to Pataka tea:
  • Pataka Premium (Leaf & Dust), 
  • Pataka Mukta 
  • Pataka Special Leaf

Mohani Tea

“Mohini Piyo ,Khulke Jiyo”Everyone knows this tagline.Its nothing but a Mohini tea.Mohani Tea Leaves Pvt. Ltd is a pioneer amongst packet tea brands in India since 1992.The brand has strong base into the market of Uttaranachal and Uttar Pradesh.They are also available in Bihar, Delhi, Himachal, Punjab, J&K, MP and Haryana.Their product “Mohani Good Time Supreme Tea” is best seller among all of their variants.

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