Brand Names 67 Creative Fruit Juice Brand Names Idea

67 Creative Fruit Juice Brand Names Idea


67 Creative Fruit Juice Brand Names Idea

Are you going to launch a Fruit Juice brand?

Wanting a Creating Name For it. Read This Article

India has been bestowed with a wide range of climate and physio-geographical conditions which ensures availability of most kind of fruits and vegetables. The country is the second largest producer of the Fruits (81.285 Million tonnes)  in the world, contributing 12.6% of the total world production of fruits respectively. (Source: Source FAO Website- February 2014 and Indian Horticulture Database 2013).

Since liberalization and withdrawal of excise duty on fruit products, there has been a significant rise in the growth rate of the industry Out of 370 million tons of fruit production in the world, India accounts for 30 million tons.

Banana, mango, citrus, papaya, guava, and grape account for a major share in total fruit production across India. The major fruit producing states are Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Gujarat. These eight states account for 70 per cent of the area under fruit cultivation.

The prominent processed items are fruit pulps and juices, fruit based ready-to-serve beverages, canned fruits and vegetables, jams, squashes, pickles, chutneys and dehydrated vegetables. More recently, products like frozen pulps and vegetables, frozen dried fruits and vegetables, fruit juice concentrates and vegetable curries in restorable pouches, canned mushroom, and mushroom products have been taken up for manufacture by the industry.

The packaged fruit juices market can be divided into three sub-categories: fruit drinks, juices, and nectar drinks. Fruit drinks, which have a maximum of 30 percent fruit content, are the highest-selling category, with a 60 percent share of the market. Frooti, Jumpin, Maaza, and so on are the most popular products in this category.


 “Many small business owners I already talked them about an importance of Branding in their Business, but a surprisingly high number of them don’t really know why.”


A creative brand name is a basic and most important thing for a company.You can find here Creative Fruit Juice brand or Company Names ideas for your business.While your business may be extremely professional and important, choosing a creative company name can attract more attention. Cool names are remembered easily, while names that describe what your company does sound like all the rest.

List of Creative  Fruit Juice brand or Company naming idea. 

  • Fruitose
  • Fruit Gear
  • Fruitends
  • Natural roots
  • Agrozza
  • Organiqa
  • Essence
  • Grappo
  • Appello
  • Oran
  • Berry Fresh
  • Sunfly 
  • Simple Fruits
  • Virgin Squeeze
  • Natural Engage
  • Own Fresh
  • Big Squeeze
  • Vital Pulp
  • Just Fresh
  • Vita +
  • Fruita
  • Naturesip
  • {F}
  • Better Blend
  • Shack and Sip
  • Mine
  • Bloom
  • Blendblast
  • DailyFit
  • OrgaBurst
  • Blendberry
  • Go
  • Puresip
  • Impact
  • Fresh Spray
  • Health Tree
  • Mad MInd
  • Ocean Kit
  • Fitwist
  • Fizzy Hire
  • Green Bay
  • Vitonica
  • Rapid Twist
  • Organa Root
  • Alive Sip
  • Better Sip
  • Love Root
  • Mountain Pick
  • Love Root
  • Fruit machine
  • Miss Tasty
  • More
  • Peace
  • Nature Pick
  • Freshbit
  • FreshOdor
  • Affection
  • Hill Top
  • Hester
  • Agro acre
  • Mad macho
  • Orangueeze
  • Bounce
  • Daily Touch
  • Lipsip
  • Nature Touch
  • Mute

We are receiving and appreciating your valuable comments on our Mail Id but we request you add such creative Comments with your creative Names to below this post in Comment Box.So the reader is inspired.Help us to make this post more worthy.

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Another part of this Creative Names Series is in Process.Gives your ideas , We will add your ideas with Your Names  to our list

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